Most beautiful towns in the Black Forest


The most beautiful towns in the Black Forest They take us to the scenes where Brothers Grimm They set many of his great stories. It is not surprising, since this territory has a lot of magical and legendary.

According to the most widespread theory, it owes its name to the Romans, who, upon observing the denseness of its forests, named these lands that way. But, curiously, its name in German is Schwarzwald, Meaning black forest and not selva. So that you can get to know it better, below, we are going to show you the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest. But, first, we want to describe this wonderful place to you.

What is the Black Forest like?

The Black Forest

View of the impressive Black Forest

This name is given to a Mountainous massif located southwest of GermanySpecifically, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It has an area of ​​eleven thousand square kilometers and its highest point is the Feldberg peak, almost fifteen hundred meters high.

It is a strip between thirty and sixty kilometers wide that extends 160 kilometers north from the geographic point where they converge. Germany, France y Switzerland. In it is born the Danubio, after the confluence of the Brigach and Breg rivers, but it is also bathed the Kinzig y the wiese. However, it is its lakes and reservoirs that offer authentic tourist attractions. Among them, they are very popular Glaswald, the mummel, the Feld o the sluch.

On the other hand, some of its most important cities are Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Baden o Karlsruhe. And, as for its vegetation, it is mainly composed of spruce, fern and foxglove forests. But its tourist value increased from the 19th century onwards due to its hot springs, around which famous spas were built.

What are the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest?

Black Forest

Traditional Black Forest house in Gutach

In view of all the characteristics that we have just shown you, you will have deduced that the Black Forest is one of the areas most tourist attractions in Germany. Furthermore, it is a territory that offers you magnificent hiking and mountain biking trails. For example, those that take you to Triberg waterfalls or until Titisee or Schluchsee lakes.

Likewise, the area is famous for its traditional peasant homes, with their gabled roofs, and for its cuckoo clocks. In fact, as we will see, in Triberg there is one of the largest in the world and in Furtwangen is the German Clock Museum, which has them in all sizes and even inside automatons. But, once this entire presentation is done, we are going to show you some of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest.



Sasbachwalden, one of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest

For many Germans, this is precisely the most beautiful town in the Black Forest. It is located in the north of the territory, in the district of Ortenau, and its population does not reach three thousand inhabitants. Its historic center is protected and in its surroundings you have the beautiful route of the water mills and the one that takes you to the Gaishöll waterfall.

You should also visit the ruins of the Hohenrode castle and the pilgrimage church of Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit. Furthermore, if you are interested in wine culture, you have to visit Sasbachwalden, as it is one of the quintessential wine-growing areas in Germany.


Cuckoo clock

The famous Triberg cuckoo clock

Without a doubt, it is also part of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest due to its spectacular surroundings and the beauty of its urban center. As for the first ones, you have to see waterfalls and lake Bergsee, but you should also visit the Birds of Prey Park. And, regarding the second, you have to look at its Town hall, the remains of the Althornberg and Triberg castles, as well as in their churches.

The most important is the pilgrimage of Maria in der Tanne, built at the beginning of the 18th century in the baroque style. Its main altar is the work of Anton Schupp, famous sculptor in the area at that time. The churches of San José and San Sebastián, both with paintings of Clemenes Hillebrand, complete the religious heritage of Triberg.

But this beautiful town in the Black Forest still has another surprise in store for you. Is his famous cuckoo clock, which, they say, is the largest in the world. And, as a complement, you have the factory Hubert Herr, responsible for having manufactured the smallest cuckoo clock.

Finally, don't stop appreciating the classicist architecture of the streets of the town. It is the result of the reconstruction that took place in the mid-1826th century after a terrible fire devastated it in XNUMX. Furthermore, if you want to appreciate the Black Forest in all its beauty, we recommend that you travel to this town in the district of Freiburg en ferrocarril. There is a line that runs through the entire area and has more than forty tunnels.

Gengenbach, another of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest



So beautiful and typical is this town in the district of Ortenau located in the Kinzig valley that has served as a background setting for films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not in vain, his houses seem straight out of a story and his Town hall Baroque it has a façade that imitates an Advent calendar.

Also interesting are the old chancery and post Office, both from the 18th century, as well as the Houses of Löwenberg and Dyer. But the great symbol of this beautiful town is the stone figure of the knight who presides over the market. Likewise, you have to see the remains of the old walls and the Kinzig tower.

As for the religious buildings of Gengenbach, you have to visit the chapel of Santiago Apóstol, which dominates it from a mountain. It was built at the end of the 17th century and stands out for its magnificent Baroque altarpiece which, however, includes an image of the Pietà dated to the 14th century. For its part, the Gengenbach monastery church It is the only thing that remains of it thanks to the fact that it was rebuilt at the beginning of the 18th century in the Baroque style. In it, you have to look at its impressive organ, considered the second largest in the state. Finally, the church of San Martín responds to the canons of rural Gothic.



Laufenburg, halfway between Germany and Switzerland

This other picturesque town should also feature on any tour of the most beautiful villages in the Black Forest. It belongs to the district of Waldshut, south of the region. Its border nature made it the subject of disputes between Germany and Switzerland. In fact, since Treaty of Lunéville In 1801, a bridge over the Rhine separated the town into two, one belonging to the first country and the other to the then Swiss Confederation.

In any case, walking through its cobbled streets adorned with fountains and traditional houses is a real pleasure. Also, the Town hall It is the result of the reform that was carried out in the old Jungle Gate, a fortified building with a tower that was transformed to classicist canons.

Also church of the holy spirit It is the result of a reconstruction. In this case, it was undertaken in 1883 on a temple already mentioned in the XNUMXth century and responds to neo-Gothic characteristics. To the same style belongs the church of San Pelagius, it is true that combined with baroque elements resulting from a reform in the 18th century.

Finally, you can see the ruins of the Hauenstein castle, which is located on a hill. Built in several stages, the oldest part dates back to the 10th century and refers us to a Carolingian fortification. Better preserved thanks to a restoration from the 20th century is the small chapel of saint joseph.

Calw, the birthplace of Hermann Hesse among the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest


Calw, another of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest, at Christmas

We now arrive at the town of Calw, capital of the district to which it gives its name. Known as «Gateway to the Black Forest», owes its fame to the medieval beauty of its streets, its monuments and its impressive natural environment. But also because the famous writer was born there. Hermann Hesse, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. In fact, in his birthplace you can see a museum dedicated to his figure.

But you should also visit the marketplace, where is the Schäberle house, which is the oldest in the town. Likewise, you should see other historical buildings such as the Vischer palace or Town hall. In the first you can visit another museum, in this case dedicated to the history of the town, and the second dates back to the 15th century, although it was restored in the 19th.

But even more important is Calw's religious heritage. It highlights the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, rebuilt in neo-Gothic style after the fire it suffered in 1692. The choir belongs to the original one and you should also pay attention to its spectacular stained glass windows inspired by biblical themes. For its part, the St. Martin's Church in Altburg It dates back to the 12th century, although only the tower from this period remains. However, one of the wonders of the town is the former Benedictine monastery of Hirsau. A good part of it is also in ruins, but another, such as the church of María or Lady chapel It is preserved and has been restored following the canons of neo-Gothicism.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the most beautiful towns in the Black Forest. But, inevitably, we have had to leave aside other equally spectacular ones due to their natural environment and monuments. Among them, Schiltach, with its beautiful medieval old town; Expert, which has a magnificent open-air ethnographic museum, or Baiersbronn, considered the gastronomic jewel of the area. Come and discover this beautiful part of Germany. You will not regret.

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