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Puerta del Sol

Perhaps you have wondered what is the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid. It is very common to do it when we are going to travel to the capital of Spain. But also because we are planning to move to the city and we are looking for an area where there are few crimes against property and physical integrity of people.

In this case, the first thing we must clarify is that Madrid is not a particularly dangerous city. The crimes committed are in line with those of other large European cities. For example, the considered least safe city in Europe in 2021 is Bradford, in the United Kingdom. And this one has a crime rate of 71,3%. In contrast, the Spanish capital presents only 29,9%. But, before telling you about the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid, we are going to review some data.

Madrid crime data in 2021

Plaza Mayor of Madrid

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid

If we take the data from Ministry of Interior of the Government of Spain, we can see significant aspects. These data are provided by the State security forces and bodies. In the case of Madrid, by the National Police, the Civil Guard and the Local Police. According to them, in 2021 there were a total of 202 criminal offenses. In turn, among the most serious, there were 18 homicides, half of them attempted; 9 kidnappings; 155 rapes and 8609 robberies with violence or intimidation.

These figures are still cold data. But, to give you an idea, we will compare them with other cities in Spain. The result is that Madrid, according to them, is safer, for example, than Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla o Barcelona. And this despite being larger and having more population. Therefore, this allows us to conclude that the capital of Spain is not a particularly conflictive city. But now we are going to talk about the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid.

The most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid

Royal Palace

Palacio Real, in the Centro district, the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid

As for the data on crime in the capital of Spain, they are provided by the Local Police. In turn, this distributes them according to the type of crime. And, in view of them, we find that the most dangerous district or neighborhood in Madrid is Vallecas Bridge.

However, we are not going to tell you about this. Because the infractions registered in it are related, mainly, to drug trafficking and other activities that do not affect citizen security as much. We are more interested in knowing in which neighborhood more crimes occur against people. That is, robbery and physical aggression of any kind.

In this case, the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid is the center district. It is true that it is also one of the most populated and the one that receives the largest number of tourists. And these are the main victims of criminals. To give you an idea, in 2020 there were some XNUMX dangerous crimes and around XNUMX arrests.

Naturally, the danger in this district is greater at night. Its own inhabitants rate the safety of the neighborhood with 8,2 out of 10 during the day, but reduce it to 6,9 at sunset. However, if you take a few precautions when you visit the Center, there is no reason for anything to happen to you. And, most importantly, you will enjoy all the wonders it offers you. Among them, the Royal Palace or the Almudena Cathedral. But now we are going to talk to you about other dangerous neighborhoods in Madrid.

Other dangerous neighborhoods in Madrid

Vallecas Bridge

Puente de Vallecas, another of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Madrid

We have already told you about the instability of Vallecas Bridge. But we will add that its own inhabitants rate the safety of their area at night with a 4,6 out of ten. It even surpasses the Centro district in crimes such as possession of weapons.

Neither Carabanchel it comes off very well. It ranks third among the most dangerous neighborhoods in Madrid. In his case, most of the arrests that occur are for drug trafficking. then appears Linear City. Perhaps this is influenced by the fact that it is one of the most populous districts. In fact, although it has fewer crimes, it has a greater number of people arrested than its predecessor Carabanchel. Its inhabitants rate the safety in the district with a 7 out of ten during the day and 5,6 at night.

Curiously, the fifth place of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Madrid has been occupied by Salamanca, one of the most exclusive in terms of housing prices. Of course, if we also take into account that most crimes are robberies, we will understand it better. These acts occur more where there is a greater amount of money. In any case, the rate of arrests is even higher than in Carabanchel. But there are also quite a few arrests for drug trafficking, something that can also be explained by being a wealthier area.

However, in the 2022 statistics, this neighborhood of high standing it has disappeared from the first places among the least safe neighborhoods of the capital. This continues to be curious. But, as opposed to these districts, now we are going to talk briefly about the quietest ones to live in.

The safest neighborhoods in Madrid

Mansion of Eduardo Adcoch

Eduardo Adcoch mansion in the Chamberí district

In general, all the experts agree in pointing out to the northern neighborhoods like the quietest areas of Madrid. In contrast, the southern districts have a higher crime rate. To a large extent, this is due to the fact that the northern localities have a higher per capita income.

However, the safest district to live in the capital of Spain is that of Chamberi, which is also located in the central almond of the city. Therefore, it has all the facilities and services, including a good cultural offer. Also the district of Chamartín boasts one of the lowest crime statistics in all of Madrid. Likewise, it is very central and well connected, but it also has quiet areas such as The Viso o Garden City.

Another of the districts of the city with the best rates of citizen security is that of Moncloa-Aravaca. Combine zones closer to the center as Argüelles with other quieter ones formed by urbanizations and even with places like Valdemarin, with houses available to very few.

There are also newly created districts that, at least for now, have good levels of citizen security. It is the case of Valdebebas, where good quality urbanizations are being built and all the necessary services for day-to-day installation are being installed. Those who move to live there are generally young couples who cannot afford the expensive prices of housing in the center of Madrid.

Tips to be safer in the capital of Spain

Museo del Prado

The Prado Museum

To finish our article on the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid, we will give you some safety recommendations. Thus, you will have less chance of being attacked or robbed on your visit to the capital. In the first place, we will tell you that the great objective of the friends of the alien is the tourists. Therefore, an excellent idea is that you try to go unnoticed.

That is, don't dress like a visitor, but as if you lived in Madrid and you went, for example, to work. It may seem silly, but imagine yourself in the Puerta del Sol surrounded by hundreds of tourists. The thieves will choose those who really look like that, tourists.

Moreover, take with you only the essentials. Keep your valuables in the safe of the hotel where you stay and take the money you really need. Also, if you use a bag, put it across your body. Thieves will prefer to give the pull to those who carry it in their hand because it will be easier for them. It is also essential that you always carry it tightly closed.

Likewise, never go alone in places that seem dangerous. He tries to always be accompanied. And, when it's time to have a drink, go to places frequented by the people of Madrid. Those who want to rob you know that tourists go to bars and restaurants that sound familiar to them from their own hometowns and wait for them there.

In any case, it is very important that you always bring some cash on clothing or in another hidden place. Thus, in case you suffer a robbery, you will have it to pay for a taxi or other transport to take you to your hotel. And, as we were saying, in this safe you should have the largest amount of money you have brought. Finally, we strongly recommend that if you are robbed, don't try to resist. If you have taken these tips into account, they will not take anything of value. On the other hand, if you stand up to the thieves, they could resort to violence and cause you harm, which in some cases will be serious.

In conclusion, we have shown you the most dangerous neighborhood in Madrid and others equally conflicting. But we have also told you about the safest districts. In any case, the capital of Spain it is no more dangerous than other big cities like, for example, London, Paris o Berlin. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of traveling to Madrid or enjoying all the wonders that the beautiful city of the bear and the strawberry tree has to offer.

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