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I like nice places but I'm far from having a lot of money, so I have to settle for seeing them on TV or in magazines. I always say that if I had a lot of money I would spend it on going to those restaurants and hotels for millionaires, not for the service but for the places, experiences and flavors they offer.

Speaking of restaurants, What is the most expensive restaurant in the world? Well, it varies from time to time, but it seems that today it is a Spanish restaurant who is in Ibiza: The Sublimation.


If you have a lot of money then you can go and enjoy the service of this restaurant which is in Ibiza, Spain. It was inaugurated in 2014 and is a conceptual creation of Paco Romero, subject to the forefront of culinary in the country. suffice it to say that it has 3 Repsol soles and two Michelin stars. Nothing bad.

What this restaurant offers is more than a dish, it is a whole culinary experience where I know combine technology, gastronomy and show. Everything together, but obviously, the cuisine is of supreme quality because behind it are the chefs Dani García, Toño Perez, Diego Guerrero and David Chang and the master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca.

The truth is that in a world where it is always about making a difference, the idea of ​​the restaurant is to go one step further in gastronomy and not only offer food, plain and simple, but an experience. Nowadays, in all areas, it seems that what needs to be done is to provide not a service but an experience that is as immersive as possible.

So, there is food, there are designers, there are illusionists, there are technicians, set designers, musicians, scriptwriters and much more. A real show is orchestrated around the diners, of those whose quality and ingenuity one always sees in Hollywood or Broadway.

in sublimation there is only room for 12 people that are accommodated not in several tables but in one. The food and the guests are the protagonists and from the moment you sit down at the table the show begins. A show that has, at the height of the site, state-of-the-art technology to make it truly unforgettable. And what technology are we talking about? Of the virtual reality...

The idea is that the diner can travel without leaving the chair, change space, with a game of images, lights, various projections and music. And meanwhile, he savors a menu made up of many exotic dishes. The menu, in turn, consists of 14 dishes, drinks and two desserts. One by one, and the journey continues to the end.

The meal begins with a cocktail, a very expensive whiskey that can cost a whopping 240 euros a bottle. Suffice it to say that it is handmade and that it has a myriad of aromas and that you are not going to pucker your palate and nose because it is the smoothest, most exotic and tasty thing in the world. And obviously, it's not that they serve it simply either so that's a great start.

The menu is not always the same, but surely you will find many sea ​​producer, for example pickled oysters, mussels, razor clams or cockles. When the menu includes fish and shellfish the entire room becomes the sea and its depths. Light, colors...

Then change the scene it may be that you find yourself in the density of a forest eating mushrooms and herbs or in an Italian town, with music from The Godfather, tasting garden vegetables. Later comes the turn to use augmented reality glasses. So, we get fully into the virtual reality that gives you ingredient information of what you are about to eat with a recipe of the preparation included in a video.

Can you even imagine that? Isn't that very Blade Runner? And when you think you're in the XNUMXst century it may be that you suddenly appear on an elegant train and the dish on your table is absolutely different. The palate and the eyes do not stop experiencing wonders. 

Is there room for a fair or a circus? Also, but the products for sale are dishes, and the flavors, nothing you've ever tasted. Do you think that one barbecue is it ordinary? Yes, but in this one the music and the dance accompany, and, strangely, the whiskey appears again but with another flavor, smoky, which is repeated in the barbecue sauce. Remember that here the drinks are the ideal pairing with the food served, so the chefs have thought of absolutely everything. Each dish has its pair in the drink and vice versa.

Finally, the desserts that arrive with a chef per diner who prepares it right there, by his side. It can be a yogurt sponge, a butter cream, an orange mousseline... The second dessert brings chocolate hand in hand with a new whiskey that, not to change, is super expensive. It is in the glass but also in the dessert itself, imbibing the cake with its wood flavour.

I wouldn't know if the dishes are abundant, I doubt it, but here you are paying something completely different. And how much is paid? About 2000 euros per diner. Although it seems like a lot, it is not bad at all considering that we are talking about a restaurant in Ibiza where a drink can be between 250 and 600 euros if it is of a good brand. The entrance to Pacha, another example, is around 500 euros per person, so if we talk about prices, Sublimotion is not from another planet.

The best thing is that anyone with euros in their pocket can pay and be there among those twelve diners. So with any luck one of your classmates may be a celebrityd, who knows? The truth is that if you are willing to pay around 1600 euros You are going to live a great experience, flavors, show, service, everything is very good and unforgettable. In two words: culinary art.

Are there ordinary people willing to pay that much for a dinner? Sure, there are people willing to pay dearly for a ticket to see the World Cup final. Or not? It seems that diners leave Sublimotion super satisfied, so if you like experiences more than buying objects, you can think about investing in a truly unforgettable night.

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