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Name New England It gives us an idea of ​​the history of this American land, don't you think? It is a part of the United States on the Atlantic coast where the first settlers from England, the Puritans, settled.

They were followed by others, and today it is a historical region with its own culture. I always say that if you go to New York, you can take a longer trip and get to know this part of the country, which is very beautiful.

New England

New England

As we said, it is a region on the Atlantic coast where settlers settled in the early XNUMXth century. The famous Pilgrim Fathers who arrived on the American coast aboard a ship called Mayflower. Today, the most patrician families in the United States are precisely those that descend from those adventurers.

Of course these lands were already inhabited. In this case for the Algonquian American Indians that with the arrival of the Europeans they would have their commercial contacts with the English, French and Dutch.

Today New England It is inhabited by around 15 million inhabitants which are distributed in six states: Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. It is home to the two most prestigious universities in the country, Harvard and Yale and also headquarters of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

New England towns

Landscape it is mountainous, with lakes, sandy beaches on the coasts and some swamps. Here are also the Appalachian Mountains. With respect to the climate, it is varied because while some parts have a humid continental climate with cold winters and cool and short summers, others suffer from hot and long summers. What is true is that autumn is one of the best times of the year to visit New England for the ocher, gold and red colors of the trees.

Finally, in terms of its population, almost 85% is white. We are not going to make that distinction, in my opinion racist, of differentiating Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites, but you can imagine what the majority is like. And the descendants of the original Indians? Well then, thanks: 0,3%.

Boston is the largest city of New England, its cultural and industrial heart and the oldest large city in the countryes. Here they are for the most part, but the vast majority, Anglo-Saxons of British descent and represent the Democratic Party base.

Tourism in New England

Autumn in New England

There are attractions for everyone, for couples and for families with children or even for solo travelers. History, art and gastronomy are a good combination for anyone. New England is attractive all year long, each season has its beauties.

Fall colors are a wonderful thing, the mountains seem to glow reddish and ocher and there are even travelers who come from all over the country to contemplate these images. In winter it snows and it's sports time and ski slopes. Summer is the reign of the beaches and the sun.

In this sense, one of the most famous coastal regions is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Its beaches are sandy and have dunes, a beauty. At the other end you find the Vermont swimming holes formed in the old marble quarries filled with the crystal clear water of the mountain streams.


When talking about cities to visit, there are certain gems that you cannot miss. Except for Boston, which is a big city, the rest of the cities of the region are of medium size and can be easily explored on foot, by boat or by public transport.

You have the coastal cities of New Haven, Providence and Portland, and inland Burlington, a treasure. It is in these cities where you will see the history of the region, from colonial times, through the legacy of the shipping industry, to the present day.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and a legendary American city. Here you can not miss the Freedom Trail, a three-mile trail that passes 16 points of historical interest and covers two centuries of American history. Starting at Boston Common, the path passes the State House, the Black Heritage Trail, the site of the so-called Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall, USS Constitution and more.

Old state house

Boston also offers you the science Museum With more than 400 exhibits, the New England Aquarium with a four-story tank, the Museum of Art and the Children's Museum, just to name a few. And in terms of history, there are many buildings open to visits: the Old South Meeting House where the Tea Party met before the war against England, the John F. Kennedy Library, Bunker Hill…


In the case of Portland, State of Main, It is a large city located on a peninsula. it's a city between modern and historical with a beautiful view of the water and a renovated sector such as the Old Port, today restored to its former glory but converted into a leisure area: restaurants, cafeterias, shops, apartments, fish markets, cruise port.

Providence, Rhode Island, reflects the three and a half centuries of American history. Its Italian neighborhood is fun, but the East Side has a lot of history with its colonial period buildings in Victorian and Greek Revival styles. The previously clogged Woonasquatucket and Providence rivers have now been turned into a fabulous park, the WaterPlace Park, and in summer the water courses are the headquarters of the WaterFire, bonfires, at least 100, that float in the waters.


Newport, also in Rhode Island, is an elegant colonial city with its rich mansions built in the XNUMXth century by industry moguls: Marble House, The Elms, Rosecliff, The Breakers. And if you like navigation here works the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Naval War College Museum.

Portmouth, in New Hampshire, it can also be a window to the past if you visit the Strawbery Bank Museum, with its houses and gardens that illustrate those times. There are also nine islands located about six miles off the New Hampshire and Maine coast, the Isles of ShoalsOnce a base for fishermen and occasional pirates, today it is a summer destination. And if you like submarines, be sure to visit the USS Albacore Museum & Park.

New Port

Another popular city in New England is Burlington, in Vermont, located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. It's a mix of Montreal and Boston. Its old buildings are beautiful and when there is a market it is a delight because it is very picturesque and large, with more than a hundred stalls. And nearby, in Shelburne, the beach is great. New Haven, Connecticut. It is also a historic destination, home to the Yale University and a handful of very good museums.


Cities like Hartford, New London, Springfield, Worcester, Manchester or Concord will remain in the pipeline, all destinations that have that attractive combination of history, nature and culture so typical and charming of New England.

The United States is not in my Top 5 Countries to Visit, but I think it has certain regions worth visiting and New England is one of them.

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