Four days in New York for less money than you think

New York trip

When we think travel to New York, we always believe that the pocket will open without the option to sew it. Well, searching and searching, we have found a perfect flight for you. Because we know very well that the trip will be, although in a tight time, you will enjoy the main points that New York has for you.

But knowing that it will not cost you as much as you think, the idea becomes even more interesting. A roundtrip flight that will come out for less money than you think. The outward journey will be direct, while the return will only have one stopover. When you see the price, you will know that wherever you look, it compensates. Let's go?.

Flight offer to New York

We have her!. It is a perfect offer to be able to escape for three days. Because logically, the rest of the time we will spend traveling. It is an offer that runs from Thursday, September 13, to Monday, September 17 of the same month. We will go in direct flight from Madrid to Newark airport.

Flight offer to New York

While to return, we will make a stopover. Which means a little more time, but still it is estimated that the outward journey will be about 8 hours while the return, about 10. So, if we have nothing better to do those days of September and we want to cross the pond, we are taking for make the reservation en LastMinute.

Cheap hotels in New York

Without a doubt, we also want to enjoy those days, choosing a good hotel. When we talk about good we do not mean the most expensive, because logically we will spend the day from one place to another. So, to save money, the ideal is a lodging like the one called 'Canal Loft Hotel'. It is located in Chinatown, just over 4 kilometers from the center. It will cost about 200 euros, when adding the corresponding fees. If you think it's a good idea, check it out at

Cheap hotels in New York

Of course, if you don't want to keep the first option, you also have the second available. It is a little closer to the center and is priced similarly to the previous one. Around 200 euros for your total stay in New York. Now we are talking about the 'Giorgio Hotel' and you will find it in Long Island City. Do you want to make your reservation ?, then again enter

What to see in New York in four days

We know that it is impossible to see New York in this space of time, but at least, we will do everything possible to try to enjoy it as much as possible. So, for the first day we can get closer to 'Times Square'. It can be said that it is one of the most famous squares in the world. Neon signs will catch you fast.

Times Square New York

Then, you can admire Broadway and of course, we cannot forget the famous 5th Avenue. It is she who unites the north and the south of Manhattan. It is a commercial street that you will have seen in countless movies. Then, we will stop at 'St. Patrick's Cathedral' because it is right in this area. On Sundays there is mass in Spanish. The same day we will have time to see the 'Rockefeller Center', which is a complex of buildings. So, we can take a few photos, although surely they will also sound a lot to us. There are concerts and galas, you will find a large 'Lego' store and next door, the studios of the television network NBC.

Brooklyn bridge

During another day of your trip, you can focus on visiting the various districts. Queens or Bronx and Brooklyn are your best options. Do not forget to stand on its bridge, because it is another of the emblematic places of New York. On the third day you can cheer up and opt for it 'Staten Island Ferry' where for 15 minutes you can see more closely the Statue of Liberty. It is a free trip, so if at sunset you have nothing better to do, go back and enjoy the illuminated city.

Soho New York

Do not forget to visit a museum and enjoy a gospel mass. You can find them in Hárlem and for free, although a donation is always given. The 'New York Public Library' also has free admission and will surprise you, so don't forget to take a tour of it. Perhaps for the last day, the best thing is to visit the fashionable and well-known neighborhoods. The Soho or China Town they are great options.

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