Things to do in New York: Go to Broadway musicals

Walk down broadway

New York is one of those places that has a wide tourist offer. That is why there are so many options that we will always need a few days to fulfill them. Among all of them, today we are going to stay with one of the most recommended by and for all audiences: Broadway musicals.

Surely you've heard of it or maybe you've already been. But one way or another, it is one of the main things to do in New York. One of those unforgettable moments that will be recorded in our retina. We will enjoy this avenue as well as Times Square, to finally go to some plays in the form of musical or opera.

A walk through Broadway and Times Square

As we have mentioned, Broadway is an avenue that crosses one of the most famous squares in the place: Times Square. The first part from City Hall to the Bronx. So in its path it leaves numerous streets as well as many avenues. But it is true that of all of them, Times Square is one of the most important. For what reason? Well, because it is the area where numerous leisure options are concentrated, with more than 40 theaters that we will have around us. A place that is always quite busy, but is well worth discovering.

Times Square

In the square, we will see how the lights and the signs are what catch us. If you want to discover the area a little, before going into a show, you can do it knowing all the theaters there are between 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue. From this area you can access some of the most important theaters, among which we can highlight both the 'Majestic' and the 'Imperial'.

Why do Broadway musicals become a must-see experience?

Whenever we travel to a specific place, we let ourselves be carried away by its customs and the tourist options it offers us. In this case, we could not be less. Since Broadway musicals are part of this area, its culture and its history. It is one of those shows that you have to live once in your life, at least. Since it is an enriching and unique experience, without a doubt. In addition, many of the famous names and faces of the entertainment world have also done some performances in this place. Without going further, from Groucho Marx, Audrey Hepburn or Robert Redford to James Dean, Marlo Brando or Grace Kelly among many others.

Musicals on Broadway

The most important musicals that we are going to find

It is true that they can be very varied and for the whole family. Sometimes they change, but there are some that are more than essential. In fact, the most popular are 'The Lion King', 'Chicago' or 'The Phantom of the Opera'. But without forgetting other titles such as 'Wicked', 'Les Miserables', 'Beauty and the Beast' or 'Mamma Mía'. While 'Aladdin' or 'Frozen', they are also other of the most famous. It seems that the Disney-themed ones are always the ones that take the top positions. Whether you like these titles mentioned, or others that you can find on the billboard, it is best to get tickets in advance on pages such as Hellotickets, a website in Spanish, where you can buy in euros and with local customer service. Many of these functions tend to sell out weeks before, so we recommend not waiting to buy them at the box office

Broadway Avenue

It is true that we do not always remember or because it is a last minute decision, that we do not have the tickets. Do not worry, because once 'in situ', you can also buy them. If you only want to go to a show, but you have no predilection for any one in particular, there is a Times Square store that has ticket sales at very good prices, since they are not seats too close to the stage. But as we say, it is always an option to consider. On the other hand, in the same theater they will also have tickets, and on the same day of the performance first thing in the morning, they give a discount for the first to arrive.

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