Normandy region in France, what to see and do

Mont Saint-Michel

France has a lot to discover, and that is why today we are going to Normandy region. It is well known for being the place where the Normandy Landing took place in World War II, but it is much more. Small and charming French-style villages, gastronomic routes and places as magical as Mont Saint-Michel are things that will convince us to take a trip through this beautiful region.

Located in the north coast of France, this region is a very touristy place. It is a perfect place for a vacation, and especially for driving routes enjoying the small towns, since they all have their charm, the beaches of the coastal area and the gastronomic routes.

Cliffs of Ètretat


These cliffs will undoubtedly remind us of the Playa de las Catedrales de Lugo. With about 600 kilometers of coastline, Normandy is a region of incredible beauty, with beaches of all kinds, and one of the most visited places is undoubtedly the cliffs of Ètretat, which are in the town with the same name. These rock formations inspired great artists, such as Monet, whose landscape fascinated him from the first moment. And is not for less. If we want to enjoy the best views, we must take a path that starts at the end of the beach, from which you can see the famous stone called 'Eye of the needle', the one that always appears in the photos.

Normandy Landing Beaches


If you remember some history, you will know that Normandy was the site of a key moment in the Second World War. On June 6, 1944 the troops of the United States and Canada landed on the beaches of Normandy to overthrow the power of the Nazis in Europe. The end of the Second World War began and these beaches witnessed all this. Pointe-du-Hoc, La Cambe, Arromanches or the best known, Omaha Beach, are some of the sandy areas that had their part in this historical moment. In almost no one can you see remains of this moment, but without a doubt it is a place to imagine the entire battle that took place on these beaches. All that remains are some bunkers from the German position.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular settings in France and even in the world. Mont Saint-Michel is a town that is crowned by the abbey, a religious building that stands out from miles away. This mound becomes an island when the tidal phenomenon arrives, since the largest tides in Europe occur here. It is a moment that can be seen from the abbey or the walls, seeing how the mound becomes an island for a few hours. But it is said that the most beautiful thing about all this is to make the way to Mont Saint-Michel enjoying the incredible landscapes, the plains and the fields, and especially how Mont-Saint-Michel is getting bigger and bigger. next. Upon reaching the town, we can enjoy walks through areas that are touristy, but the best plan is to get lost in its streets, of course, without finally stopping visiting the beautiful abbey.



Rouen is classified as a museum city, a perfect place for those who want to enjoy French art and architecture. This city was also the scene in which the famous Joan of Arc was burned in the Old Market Square. There are several things to see in the city of Rouen. Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of them, with a beautiful Gothic-style façade. The Great Clock is another of the emblematic places of the city, and it can be seen from the inside. In the History of Joan of Arc we can learn more about the history of this character. There are also a large number of museums, such as the Fine Arts, Ceramics or Natural History museums. And of course you also have to visit the Old Market Square, where the Cathedral of Santa Juana de Arco is located.

The most beautiful villages

Normandy Villages

In the Normandy region it is not only important to see the beautiful cities, but also to get lost in the small towns with a special charm to see the more authentic and less touristy places. Towns like Barfleur, a fishing town where it is quite a spectacle to see the arrival of fish at the port, get lost in its streets, see the original church or enjoy mussels, the star ingredient of the area, cooked in very different ways the port restaurants. Other towns you might like are Beuvron-en-auge, Lyons-la-Fôret or Le Bec Hellouin. Nor should we forget small towns famous for their gastronomic products, such as Camembert, known for its cheeses.

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