Nudist beaches of the Costa Brava

From Blanes, in Spain, to Portbou, on the border with France, the so-called Costa Brava, a coastal strip of 214 kilometers striking for its rugged and wild beauty. Along this coastline there are parks, islands, beaches, coves and pretty towns that today attract many tourists.

Among these tourists there are always some who prefer to stroll as their mother brought them into the world, so we can talk today about the Costa Brava nudist beaches. Sign them up for this summer!


El nudism or naturism, although they are used as synonyms, they are not exactly the same, they are practices related to the freedom of the body and the environment. Nudism was not something widely practiced in Spain, but its popularity has grown for some time now and, although it is not the most common thing on most Catalan beaches, there are some Mediterranean beaches that have become private paradises.

It is also true that from the Franco's death In the 70s, many of the Spaniards who traveled to the south of France to walk naked began to do so on their own land, and in this way, on the Catalan coast, the nudists began to occupy ground. A) Yes, today there are more than 20 nudist beaches in Costa Brava.

Senyor Ramon Cove

It is the quintessential nudist beach in the region Low Emporda. Good quality sands, a coastal strip completely open to the east with two rocks that close it to the south and to the north, so there is privacy for those who choose it.

To this beach you can arrive from the sea or from the road, a path that ends in an esplanade on the beach. Parking is charged 6 euros. From Rosamar's residence there is a path to the beach. If you don't want to pay the 6 euros you can leave your car for free at the top but it's not very pleasant to climb so much once the long day at the beach is over.

The beach is connected to civilization by a somewhat difficult route that runs between Tossa and San Feliu de Guixols, but if you bring your umbrella and your food you will have a great time.

Player Cove

You have to get to the Cap de Creus lighthouse from Cadaqués along the route. Once here, you have to walk down the dry riverbed, calculate for half an hour, until you reach a place with soft bushes, contrary to what you usually see on the rest of the rugged coast. The beach welcomes you with a portion of the sea that is sheltered from strong winds and thus keeps the water calm and transparent.

This beach is really beautiful, there are many Marine life in those waters, and there are people who stay to sleep on summer nights. Amazing.

Cala Tavallera

There are rocks that block Cap de Creus and thus mark the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and the wildest part of the Costa Brava. One of the secrets of this place is Cala Tavallera, about 2 kilometers from Port de la Selva y only accessible by the GR11, a hiking trail that connects the Mediterranean with the Atlantic.

You may read that it is also accessible by 4x4 vehicle, but the safest way to get there has always been and will be by walking for two hours. The goal deserves it all: a cove where in summer there is hardly anyone and in winter, no one at all. Has a shelter where you can spend the night and contemplate both the sunset and the sunrise. Something beautiful to see.

It may be that in the height of the summer small boats arrive and anchor for a few hours, but it is only in season and outside this time of year it is difficult to find anyone.

L'Illa Roja

This is the only nudist beach in the central part of the Costa Brava. It is a deep red beach, the rocks that emerge from the bay are something impressive and strange, with its semicircular shape that creates a demure and inviting beach.

To get there you have to walk quite a bit from Camí de Ronda, along a coastal path. It doesn't have people, it doesn't have beach bars. Of course, after noon it has a lot of shade, precisely because of those gigantic rocks that shelter it.

Estreta Cove

The Baix Empordà region has Cala Estreta, a modest beach that in summer prohibits the arrival in motor vehicles. This makes yes or yes you have to walk about 45 minutes from Castell beach, along the Camí de Ronda path or if you follow the service route, one of 20 minutes walks more. this trail passes directly under the electrical towers of the Castell parking lot.

But it is worth the effort because nature gives us a series of beautiful coves that allow precisely the nudism and they open to the east so they enjoy beautiful sunny mornings and the sun stays even until midsummer.

The beach remains more or less calm due to the walk that has to be done to get there.

Cala Vallpresona

It is a beach away from the madding crowd. There are no buildings, only nature. To get there you have to drive along the route that connects Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Tossa de Mar, with more than 350 turns, and pay attention to the sign that indicates the beginning of the road downhill.

The car is parked on the side of the road and from there the path goes down through a forest so don't wear uncomfortable shoes. Even in mid-August you won't find more than two or three people in this beautiful pebble beach of no more than 200 meters.

the beach is nudist, silent, without party or anything or services of any kind either. Luckily it is kept quite clean, thanks to the responsibility of the visitors.

Castell Beach

In Castell there are still certain virgin spaces and two houses can be seen, to the north and to the south, some of which were visited by Salvador Dali and Martin Dietrich. You get here from Palafrugell by road, it has paid parking and it's good because that money is reinvested in caring for the area.

You will see the Aubí stream, with ducks and everything, you can eat under the pine trees protected from the sun, walk through the forest, see Dalí's house and walk among the lost coves. In summer there are restrooms and kayaks can be rented.

Cala Nans

To this beach you can get there walking from Cadaqués, among others, which is a few kilometers away. Along the way you will see a beautiful fXNUMXth century hoop, the Catalans lighthouse, from which you have a wonderful view of Port Lligat and Cadaqués itself.

Cala Nans it is quite far from villages or settlements so it remains fairly unspoiled. It is made of rocks and has coves around it to get lost a bit.

Sa Boadella Beach

It is in an area known as La Selva, on the outskirts of the city of Lloret de Mar. Its sand is thick and will be about 250 meters. It has a surveillance and rescue service, a bar, showers and it is Blue flag.

It is divided into two parts, by Sa Roca des Mig. One half is called Sa Cova and the other Sa Boadella, but the first is the busiest and on the right side is where you can practice nudism.

Cala Murtra

This nude beach is one of the best beaches in Costa Brava, well away from the tourist centers of the area. is located about seven kilometers from Rosas, leave the car at the top and then walk down an unpaved road. It will be about 20 minutes of descent, but it is not difficult at all.

The beach is shingle, no sand, so the shoes have to be suitable to walk comfortably. The beach It is about 150 meters long and there are usually very few people.

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