Paris Pass, the tourist keys to the city

Paris It is one of the most visited cities in the world at any time of the year. A romantic getaway, a week visiting its museums or going from a bar to a bar or shopping in the best fashion houses ... the capital of France offers everything for all budgets.

But thinking exclusively about the tourism that counts the euros is that it offers the Paris pass, a tourist pass exemplary that may be useful to you, it all depends on what you plan to do and how long you stay. Here you have all the information.


In an area of ​​about 105 square kilometers live just over two million people. It is an important Europe's financial, fashion and trade center and it is estimated that around eight million tourists visit it per year.

Its historic center is a World Heritage Site and it is here where you will find some emblematic sites of the French capital such as the Notre Dame Cathedral or the gothic charm of Saint Chapelle. Many of these attractions are paid so between this, that and that our wallet can suffer a little or a lot.

Here comes the tourist pass, so popular with many cities in Europe. Even if you are not a fan of passes, because you think you are paying for something that you do not use later, it is always advisable to take a look and weigh price and our intentions. So what about the Paris pass?

Paris Pass

It is a tourist pass that includes access to tourist attractions and also transportation. It allows you to avoid some queues, take the tourist bus or have a discount on some attractions not included among the free ones that the pass ensures.

Paris Pass allows you to enter 60 museums, monuments and art galleries, all world renowned. It also consists of Paris Attraction Pass, the Paris Visite Pass and Paris Museum Pass and you can buy the spend two, three, four or six days.

El Paris Museum Pass includes, among others, the Orsay Museum, the Louvre, the Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame, the Versailles castle, the Pantheon, the Conciergerie, the Center Pompidou and the gothic chapel of Saint Chapelle. If you like movies, ok, if you like fashion, ok also, if you like fashion, then surely you will also find something. And the best thing is that in addition to giving you free entry, you avoid the queues. In addition, you can enter as many times as you want. Five times to the Louvre? Well, you are allowed.

Furthermore, the Paris Attractions Pass opens the doors of seven attractions:  Ô Château, a Gallic wine tasting experience highly recommended if you like wine, Bateaux Parisiens, a nice and relaxing cruise on the Seine, Paris Story, an interactive attractions with the history of the city, the Garnier opera, a super elegant 300th century building, the Grevin Museum with 56 wax figures, L'Espace Dalí dedicated to the great artist and a tour of Montparnasse, the XNUMX-story tower with great views.

At the Louvre Museum, the Musée d'Orsay, the Pompidou Center and the Musée Grévin, fast entry without a line is guaranteed, something super convenient if you go in summer and it's hot. In addition, the Paris Pass allows you to use the Paris tourist bus whose regular price is 38 euros per adult. Look at the savings! Other regular prices? Well, the entrance to the Grévin Museum costs 22 euros, that of the Opera Garnier 50 and the regular one to the Louvre Museum is 15 euros.

Speaking of buses and trips, as we said at the beginning, the Paris Pass includes transportation within the city limits using its metro system, RER surface trains, its buses, trams, the Montmartre funicular and SNCF elevated suburban trains. The areas it covers are 1, 2 and 3, that is, the entire city center. The pass comes with a guide from the transport network so you have the golden ticket and the map in your hands.

El Paris Pass Travelcard, that is its name, it is activated when you use it for the first time and it is valid for the same days as the Paris Pass you have purchased, that is, two, four or six days. The card is smaller, in fact it is like a common ticket, so it is important not to forget it in the machines and to always have it in a safe place.

Finally, The Paris Pass does not include the climb to the Eiffel Tower, nor the entrance to the Catacombs of Paris.

Buy the Paris Pass

Today you can buy everything for Internet and receive it at your home and it is very convenient. Shipments are by FedEx. And if you are not at home because you work and you fear that you will not run into the postman, you can buy it and pay online and withdraw it once you arrive in Paris.

If you pick it up in Paris, you pay an extra two euros, nothing more, print what is sent to you by mail and pick up the pass at certain places in the city. Shipping to the world costs around 10 euros and takes about 15 working days, if you want it urgently, FedEx comes in here, it costs almost 40 euros and takes only six working days.

Should or should not buy the Paris Pass

I cannot give you a strong answer. I have not bought it and I spent twelve lovely days in Paris, but I have a friend who has bought it and has taken the juice ... It all depends on your preferences and tastes. Personally, I am not a tourist maniac, who has to see everything no matter how long I stay there, so I took everything very relaxed.

Now, if your priority is to know as much as possible, then it may be convenient for you. Do you like museums? Then without a doubt it is for you because it lets you enter almost all the best museums as many times as you want. Now, if you like to walk, see people, go out to eat or ride your bike everywhere… I don't think so. Maybe you can take advantage of another Paris tourist card like the one Paris passlib.

The Paris Passlib is similar but it's cheaper. Provides access to a pack that includes the Paris Viste Pass (transport), the Paris Museum Pass, entrance to monuments and museums, the Open Tour Bus, the competition of the other Big Bus, Bateaux Parisiens, the tour of the Seine, maps and discounts and the Eiffel Tower (payment). It is also purchased online and shipped by DHL.

Now, What are the prices of the Paris Pass?

  • 2 days: 131 euros for the adult pass, 81 for the teenage pass (from 12 to 17 years old), 44 euros for the child pass.
  • 3 days: 165, 100 and 50 euros.
  • 4 days: 196, 109 and 57 euros.
  • 6 days: 244, 135 and 75 euros.

Remember that the Paris Museum Pass is not included for teenagers and children, as museums always have free entry. As you will see, it is not a cheap pass so you have to sit down for a while and do numbers to see how much the attractions cost us separately.

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