Petra, the city of stone (IIIa)

We reach the third stage of our visit to Petra where we are going to get to know the gastronomy not only of this place but also at the national level. Jordanian cuisine combines extremely simple but very tasty recipes where any of the traditional dishes of this gastronomy will become a true festival of flavors in our mouth.

The national dishes are not very different from those we can find in nearby countries such as Syria or Lebanon, although each country has its own way of preparing the dishes. It must be taken into account that religion also influences a lot in the cuisine of this country, so we will not find food cooked with alcohol or pork among other restrictions.

Jordanian food is the most varied

The Jordanian national dish is the mansaf and also highlight the musakhan and maglouba. Other tremendously traditional dishes are kebab, shawarma, Felafel or hummus among others. And if we want fish, in Aqaba we will find a great variety of fresh fish dishes.

The cuisine of this country masterfully combines legumes, vegetables, fruit and meat, something that is highly recommended for visitors, since there are many flavors that Westerners are unaware of in this gastronomy. Something that will catch our attention is that after each meal there is always a desktop with really delicious desserts accompanied by fresh fruit juices.

A plate of hummus

The traditional drink is the arak, an aromatic liquor that tastes very similar to anise, although in Jordan we can also find refreshing drinks, beer and wine of its own harvest, which although not of extreme quality, is quite acceptable for the palate.

We emphasize that if you are not very fond of Arabic food, in hotels you can eat Western dishes as an alternative, so at first there should be no problem with food in this place.

We are going to take a short break and in the next post we will continue to learn more about the rich and extensive Jordanian cuisine.

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