Places around the world to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

El Saint Patrick's day it is celebrated around the world on March 17th. It is the pattern of Ireland, but it is true that there are Irish around the world, and that a party like this, full of green and beer, is celebrated in more and more countries. However, the beginning of this festival has been religious, to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, who died in 461.

Saint Patrick was a missionary, considered the pioneer in bringing Christianity to Ireland. Over time it has become the pattern of Ireland, and the March 17 is already a holiday They celebrate throughout the island, especially in the capital, Dublin, which has several days of festivities and receives more and more visitors in search of fun on these days dedicated to Saint Patrick.

Dublin, Ireland

The St. Patrick's Festival is already an institution in Ireland, and in its capital, Dublin, it is celebrated like nowhere else. For days the streets and people dress in the emerald green typical of Saint Patrick, with somewhat ridiculous hats that blend into the crowd because everyone wears them. One of the busiest places will undoubtedly be Temple Bar, the pub street par excellence, although we are sure to find many others around the city. In addition to enjoying Guinness, we can enjoy colorful parades and events and entertainment in the streets.

Kilkenny, Ireland

If you are a lover of all kinds of music, but especially traditional or Irish, your place to celebrate Saint Patrick is Kilkenny. In this Irish city they celebrate their patron's day with many musical events. Live concerts, music in pubs and workshops to learn a little more about the tradition of Irish music, all bathed, of course, with Irish beer and whiskey in its pubs.

Limerick, Ireland

If you like to place bets, you have a very different way of celebrating Saint Patrick in another city in Ireland, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. In Limerick they are dedicated to horse races to enjoy this national holiday. Between Saturday and Sunday seven races are held each day. Without a doubt a more original way to celebrate Saint Patrick.

New York, USA

Outside of Ireland, we know that where they have been taking this celebration seriously for years is in the United States, where there are many Irish emigrants. In New York they carry out colorful parades to celebrate this day, and they also have a fun and curious tradition that we must take into account so as not to get more than a scare. Those who are not dressed in green, will get a pinch from anyone, so it is a good day to take out those green clothes that we have in the closet.

Boston, United States

Although the party that goes around the world with its parades today is New York, in the United States it is said that the first to celebrate it They were from Boston, and therefore it is also a good place to enjoy Saint Patrick's Day. A city that also takes this festival as an authentic tradition with which they identify, taking the bagpipes and typical Irish costumes to the streets for a day. Parades, parties and bars where drinking beer is the most typical thing that day.

Chicago, United States

Chicago doesn't have the biggest parades, but it does do something to see. Every year on this St. Patrick's Day, dyes the river water an emerald green color, in honor of the saint. Without a doubt it is a different and very funny show.

Munich, Germany

Although its Oktoberfest is much more famous in Munich, the truth is that Germans do not miss the opportunity to celebrate a party in which drink becomes the protagonist. So in this city I also know they perform parades with pipers and Guinness in the bars.

Saint Patrick in Spain

In our country there is not so much tradition of Saint Patrick, and that is why it is a festival that is not celebrated in all places, much less we are talking about a holiday. However, there are more and more pubs and bars in which on the weekend that coincides with the holiday there are all kinds of green hats and you can taste a Guinness. In big cities there are undoubtedly many places to celebrate this festival, where there are raffles and green spaces are decorated. Although it is not a very followed tradition, it is becoming another party that we take from other countries to have one more time to party.

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