Places to travel as a couple in Spain

The Alhambra of Granada

Many places to travel as a couple in Spain. They are cities that have a romantic aura. In addition, they usually have a thousand-year history and numerous monuments. But, above all, they are full of legends, many of them, precisely, about unhappy loves.

There are so many places like this in Spain that it would be impossible for us to tell you about all of them. However, we assure you that, if you visit the ones that we are going to propose, you will not regret it. You will spend a wonderful stay with your partner and both of you will enjoy a memorable memory. But, without further ado, we are going to show you some of those places to travel as a couple in Spain.

Five unbeatable places to travel as a couple in Spain

We will begin our tour of the places to travel as a couple through Spain in historic Andalusia and then get closer to other places. In this community, we could talk to you about Jaén or Sevilla, but perhaps the most romantic city is Granada.


Granada the Sacromonte

Sacromonte neighborhood, in Granada

Without a doubt, this Andalusian city is one of the most appropriate in Spain to visit as a couple. It has so many places of interest that a trip to Granada requires several days. But it is inescapable to visit the Alhambra, ancient Nasrid city declared a World Heritage Site. And, next to her, the Generalife, with its palace and its impressive gardens.

You should also include walks through its most typical neighborhoods in your visit to Granada. Especially, you have to see the Albaicin, with its narrow streets and whitewashed white houses, and the Sacromonte, with its caves that served as dwellings.

Also, you should not forget about the Cathedral of the Incarnation, considered one of the peaks of the Spanish Renaissance, nor of the Charterhouse, built in the XNUMXth century. All this without forgetting the Royal chapel, the most important Gothic building in Granada.

However, if there is a romantic place in the Nasrid city, it is the Saint Nicholas' lookout. Visit it at sunset and you will have wonderful and unique views of the Alhambra. To end your visit to Granada, savor some of its tapas. Traditionally they are offered for free with consumption and some of them are fried aubergine, chopitos, marinated dogfish or threads.

The traditional tapas areas are that of the Town Hall, that of the Darro sidewalk and that of Realejo. However, all the hospitality establishments in the city offer them very tasty.



Teruel Town Hall and Cathedral

This Aragonese city, which even has a legend similar to that of Romeo and Juliet, could not be missing in our tour of the places to travel as a couple through Spain. It is precisely that of The lovers of Teruel, Isabel de Segura and Diego Marcilla.

For them, Teruel is also known as the City of Love. And one of the visits you can make in the Aragonese town will reveal precisely the story of Isabel and Diego. We talk to you about Mausoleum of the Lovers, in which, in addition to his tomb, you can see an entire exhibition related to the time and circumstances of his unhappy love.

But Teruel is more than lovers. It has a heritage of Mudejar architecture which has been declared a World Heritage Site. It is made up of, among other buildings, the towers and roofs of the Cathedral of Santa María and the churches of San Pedro, San Martín and El Salvador. On the other hand, the imposing Los Arcos aqueduct is Renaissance.

However, if you still want to travel further in time, near the city you have Dinopolis, the theme park dedicated to the dinosaurs that inhabited the area in ancient times.

Finally, you have to visit Teruel's heritage of modernist architecture. It responds, in accordance with its old buildings, to neo-mudejar style. And it is made up of constructions such as San Nicolás de Bari, the old schools of the Arrabal, the Pharmacy house of the Provincial Hospital, the Casino or the Plaza de Toros.

But you should not leave the Aragonese city without going through the well-known Torico square. Around it you have bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Teruel. In it, the cured ham stands out, but also dishes such as grilled lamb, partridge and pickled rabbit or trout. And, as for the sweets, the lover's sighs or the Mudejar braid.

Salamanca, another place to travel as a couple in Spain perfect

The Garden of Calixto and Melibea

Huerto de Calixto and Melibea

Also the historic Salamanca is a perfect place to travel as a couple in Spain. In fact, another of the great romantic stories of our literature takes place there. We talk to you about the Calixto and Melibea, two of the protagonists of La Celestina. And, precisely, next to the Roman bridge and the city walls is its Orchard, a Muslim-style garden.

But Salamanca offers you many other things to see. Any tour must start at the Plaza Mayor, Baroque style and considered one of the most beautiful in our country. You should also visit its cathedrals in the city. The Old one is from the XNUMXth century and Romanesque, while the New one is Gothic and from the XNUMXth.

There are many other religious buildings of great beauty in Salamanca. As an example, we will mention the churches of San Marcos and of the Holy Spirit and the convents of Las Claras, San Antonio el Real and San Esteban.

But you also have to visit Salamanca for its impressive heritage of civil buildings. Among them the one of the University and the popular Casa de las Conchas. And alongside these, those of the colleges and the palaces of Monterrey, Anaya, Don Diego Maldonado or Orellana.

In short, we have only been able to mention a small part of Salamanca's monumental heritage because it is so rich that it needs more than one visit. Do not forget that the call Old City It is a World Heritage Site.


Pazo de Lourizan

Lourizán Palace

If we talk to you about camellia gardensWe will already be giving you enough reason to visit Pontevedra as a couple. Because this type of flower has great romantic resonances and is found in all the parks of the city, if you visit it in winter.

But Pontevedra is also a monumental wonder. In its old town you have to visit the basilica of Santa Maria la Mayor, built in the XNUMXth century, and, very close to it, the Plaza Teucro, framed by baroque palaces like those of Gago, Montenegro or Pita.

On the other hand, in the surroundings of the Plaza de la Ferrería are the convent of San Francisco and the La Peregrina church. And, a little further away, the medieval bridge of El Burgo and the Pontevedra Museum, with an impressive collection of gold jewelery.

A walk through the shore of Lérez it is also very romantic. And, if you do it from its northern part, you will find, in addition to nature, the island of Sculptures, where works by various Galician authors have been installed.

Anyway, if you stay at the parador de turismo, a XNUMXth century building, and walk through the Plaza de las Cinco Rúas you will reach the modernist area from the city, where there are numerous houses of this architectural style and also the Principal Theater. Among these buildings are the Café Moderno, the Post Office building and, above all, the beautiful Lourizán palace.


The hermitage of San Saturio

Hermitage of San Saturio

Soria was the city where Antonio Machado lived his love story with Leonor Left, muse of some of his great poems. This should be reason enough for you to choose it as a place to travel as a couple in Spain. In fact, the promenade of San Saturio, where the hermitage of the same name is located, is a place full of romance.

But, in addition, the city of the Duero also offers you an impressive historical and monumental heritage. It has numerous romanesque churches like those of San Juan de Rabanera and Santo Domingo. It also has Renaissance convents like that of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and hermitages like that of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad.

However, the main religious monument in Soria is the Co-Cathedral of San Pedro, which preserves part of the original monastic church from the XNUMXth century. Inside, you can see magnificent baroque altarpieces such as those of the chapels of San Miguel and the Santísima Trinidad.

The city of Duero also has beautiful palaces such as those of the Counts of Gómara and de los Ríos y Salcedo. But the greatest treasure of Soria are the ruins of Numancia, which are just seven kilometers away. The mythical pre-Roman city has been excavated and can be visited. In addition, many of the pieces found are in the Numantino Museum.

This is not the only one you can see in Soria. Also very interesting are the Medieval Museum of San Juan de Duero, located in the homonymous monastery; the Diocesan-Cathedral Museum and the House of Poets, located in the building of the Circle of Friendship.

In conclusion, we have shown you five of the places to travel as a couple in Spain. All of them offer you romantic corners, a great monumental heritage and delicious gastronomy. But we could tell you about many other places. For instance, Ronda, the peculiar Malaga town that was the cradle of bandits and the scene of love stories. Or the island of Ibiza, with its spectacular sunsets. Or, finally, the medieval Pedraza, in Segovia, with its castle enchanted by two unhappy lovers.

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