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Travel to Malta

Malta is one of those destinations that are ideal for short breaks, because in a short time we can enjoy the place. In addition, this mediterranean island It can also be visited in low season, because we can always enjoy places to see and beautiful landscapes. If we take advantage of the low season we will also have great prices and the advantage that there will be no crowds.

En Malta The sun shines almost all year round, so we can enjoy pleasant walks, days at the beach and great routes to see all its corners without worrying about the weather, another reason to take some tickets to Malta. Prepare your trip and find everything you need to see this great Mediterranean island.

Where to stay in Malta

In Malta we can find accommodation all over the island, but the truth is that there are three places where it is usually searched because there is much more offer. The Sliema area is very popular, being close to Valletta, being well served by transport and being a quiet place where you can rest at night. Saint Julians is the place where young people want to stay, as it is the nightlife area. Another option is to stay in the historic center of Valletta, but the truth is that finding a cheap place will be difficult, unless we go in low season. When choosing accommodation we must think about whether it is worth being close to avoid taking public transport or being in a cheaper but well connected area.

Getting around Malta

We have several options to consider when moving around Malta. In the most central areas it is possible to use the bus, although in general it is not as efficient as in other countries. Taxis are usually quite expensive, so we don't think they are the best option. One of the things people do is rent a car to move freely around the island, since it is not so expensive and we also forget about waiting at the stops. Of course, we must remember that here we drive like in England, so if we are lacking in practice it will cost us at the beginning. Being a small island we can also find trips by ferry or small boats to go from one side of the island to the other.

Other details of the trip

Traveling to Malta means traveling to one of the countries of the European Union, so if we belong to it we will not need anything more than the DNI to travel. As for the currency, use the euro. Medical care is covered with the European health card, which we must request before the trip.

What to see in Malta

Malta is not a very big island, which we can see in a few days if we limit ourselves to the most touristy places, also visiting the closest small islands. We must especially dedicate time to the capital of Valletta, a really important center where to enjoy historical areas and beautiful streets.



La Valletta is the capital of Malta, a place that is not very extensive, but it has some places that must be seen. The fortification of St. Elmo, the Baroque-style St. John's Co-Cathedral and some museums, such as the archeology museum.

Comino Island

Comino Island

La Comino island It is a place that is not inhabited but it does receive tourist visits with ferries that leave from Malta. You can make a wonderful one-day visit, especially in summer, to bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon with incredibly clean and clear waters.

Gozo Island

We can also take a boat to get to the next island of Gozo, where there is a capital, the old Rabat, today called Victoria. In this place you can see the Cathedral of Santa María or the Bishop's Palace. This island is where the famous Blue Window was, which we will talk about below.

Blue window

Blue window

For all those who were looking forward to seeing the famous Azure Window where scenes from Game of Thrones were also shot, there is bad news. And it is that this natural rock bridge collapsed last year in a strong storm with dense waves, leaving Malta without one of its characteristic emblems. Now this Blue Window can only be seen in the photos, but we can always visit the place to see how it has been, because it is still an area of ​​enormous natural beauty.

Malta cities


In Malta you can visit some cities, in addition to Valletta, such as Senglea, which has an old fortification with great views. Cospicua is another ancient city with bastions, churches and many places to visit to learn the history of the island.

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