How to plan weekend getaways


There are many people who cannot go this Easter on long vacations, so they should only plan little getaways. This is something that can be done all year round, to take advantage of those moments that we have every weekend. So take note of all the ideas that we are going to give you to plan your weekend getaways.

A Weekend getaway It is planned with little time, and it is that we can go to nearby places, taking advantage of offers or simply going with the car. There are many ways to choose destinations, although what we have to keep in mind is that time is short, so it must be used to see the main things.

Search for offers

One of the first things you can do is think about going aimlessly, depending on the offers available. Although it is true that for the weekend there are usually not so cheap flights, you can find hotels and other things to save on in low season. An offer from a nearby spa, a cheap flight that pops up suddenly, or other offers. To be aware of everything, today you have Apps that help you get everything cheaper and find everything you need easier. It all depends on whether you want cheap accommodation, travel or leisure deals. Search whatever it is and jump into the most interesting thing you can find, on weekend getaways we can plan on short notice.

Choose the destination


Destinations are not usually far if we go by car. We should think about a few hours by car so that we have time to see things and rest. If, on the other hand, we go by plane, then we will have more time. The question is to think about the hours of travel we want to do and then search for interesting destinations in that range. Surely you will be surprised by the interesting places that are close to home and to which you have never been.

Plan visits


As you are going to have a time that is going to be scarce, the best thing is that plan well all visits. That is, if you go to a city or a smaller place, there will always be points of interest that you must see. In a city you must have a well thought out route so as not to waste time and leave things unseen. Take maps with the route, as well as information about the sites, because in some there will be visiting hours and it must coincide with the time we arrive at them. And if you have to get tickets, try to get them online to avoid the queues, since they can make you lose an important time of the day.

Find well-located accommodation

Accommodation is better than is in the center, in a well-located place to be able to see all the things we want to see. This way we will not have to count the time of travel from one place to another, time that we would lose. In the center, accommodation is usually more expensive, but you can opt for new formulas when searching. For example, renting an apartment, which can be cheaper, or going to a camping site or a bed and breakfast. There are much cheaper options than the hotel, but remember to take everything already planned so as not to get last minute surprises, such as there is no place, or the place is closed due to low season. Rent before you go to know the price of everything.

Pack a small suitcase


The luggage must be done thinking about the short time that we will be away. It makes no sense to be loaded and it is uncomfortable to go from one place to another. Bring the essentials, several looks already thought, something warm for the night and something else that seems necessary, such as a small first-aid kit for example. If you go in the car, you can take things and leave what you do not use, but by plane the suitcase has a limit if you go in low cost company, and it is not worth it to carry it carrying many things. Even if you are one of those who always carry the minimum, a backpack with a change of clothes and toiletries is more than enough.

If you go by car, remember the reviews

Car breaks

If you are going to take the car, you must have the revisions a day. But not only that, it is better to stop by the workshop and look at the wheels, which are well inflated and in a position to make a long run. Also the oil and the coolant and the lights, since some of them may be melted without us knowing it. They are small things that can give us problems during the trip, so the car must always be ready if we want to make a getaway.

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