Plans for a weekend as a couple

Weekend as a couple

Doing plans as a couple It is something great, because it helps to improve the relationship and above all it fills us with new experiences and special moments. You do not have to wait for the holidays to be able to make small plans, since we have weekends. That is why we will give you some ideas and inspirations to make plans for a weekend as a couple.

Un weekend as a couple of for many plans, especially if we know how to look for offers and enjoy different experiences. Obviously, we will have to think about the hobbies and tastes of each couple, but we will always find a plan that adapts to what we like.

Getaway in rural house

One of the most desirable plans after a week of work is to go to a quiet area with our partner. A getaway in a rural house is perfect to enjoy as a couple. There are many rural houses that also offer visits to the surrounding nature. We can also look for houses in which to enjoy a typical meal or those with large outdoor pools. The weekend in a rural house can be ideal to recharge the batteries and enjoy intimacy as a couple.

Weekend in spa

Couple spa

This is another plan that is most sought after to spend the weekend with the couple. A spa offers us a multitude of ideas to relax. In general, there are offers in which you can use the common area of ​​the pools and the treatments are usually paid for elsewhere. Couples even have special packages to take a massage together or some other treatment. From bathing in the jacuzzi to trying water therapies, the spas offer all kinds of ideas so that the weekend is not boring.

Natural hiking

The most active couples can join do some hiking trail. There are very well signposted routes, with levels of difficulty adapted to our physical condition, to be able to choose the one that suits us best. On these routes it is possible to get into nature and enjoy great tranquility while doing a very healthy sport. Sharing these types of hobbies with your partner is a great idea and also hiking is very economical. It is easy to find routes if we do not live in big cities, without having to travel too much.

Discovering corners

Couples getaway

Sure there is some special corner near where you live that you've still seen us. You can make a list of nearby undiscovered places you want to go. These types of visits do not require more than a weekend, so they are perfect for visiting as a couple on an alternative plan. From small towns to a natural area or a nearby city, everything can be a good place to escape a bit from the routine with the couple.

Adventure weekend

Adventures as a couple

If you both like emotions, you will surely have a great time with a adventure weekend. By this we mean a plan in which both of you can enjoy a new experience that is exciting. From rafting to horseback riding, zip lining or rock climbing. We just have to consult with the couple and look for the possibilities that we have near where we live. Nowadays it is very easy to find information through the web, so it is a great possibility for both.

Weekend in town

If you have a city in mind that you have always wanted to go to and it is quite close, then go ahead. The plans in the city can also be very interesting. If we are going to visit a city we will always have to bring something planned so as not to miss anything. The weekend can be short depending on the city since in some there is a lot to see. Since the most important monuments to the most symbolic streets, the liveliest areas and the restaurants not to be missed. Making a list can help us see the city completely without leaving us anything important.

Gastronomic routes

There are couples who really like dining experiencesas they can enjoy new flavors and dishes. In any getaway we can try the typical dishes or go to a restaurant that has good reviews. But there are many couples who enjoy taking gastronomic routes. We can look for special events, such as tapas competitions, which are becoming more and more common, but it is also possible to go to the most popular restaurants and bars at any time.

Getaway to Paris

Paris as a couple

If we want to throw the house out the window, nothing more romantic to make plans as a couple Than a quick weekend getaway to Paris. There are low cost flights, although they do not always coincide on the weekend, but we can look for alternatives. The point is to surprise our partner with the most romantic city in the world.

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