Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz

El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María is a town located in the province of Cádiz In Andalucia. It is located in the area of ​​the Bay of Cádiz and is part of the Association of Municipalities of the Bay of Cádiz and is the fifth most populated municipality in the province. This town is a very touristy place, especially because of its close proximity to the city of Cádiz, but also because it has a lot to offer visitors.

Let's see the different places that can be visited in Puerto de Santa María in Cádiz. Along with Cádiz, which was the settlement of the ancient Gadir, a Phoenician population, this town was one of the first places to be populated in the West. Today it is a very touristy point where you can enjoy many things.

San Marcos castle

San Marcos castle

East castle dates from the XNUMXth century and it is a beautiful medieval fortress that today is owned by the Caballero family, who make the well-known Caballero punch, typical of Jerez. This castle was originally a mosque, in the XNUMXth century, and later it was converted into a fortress, so you can see that mixture of cultures that is so abundant in Andalusia due to the period of the Arab conquest. The castle is accessed through a beautiful Arab arch to access a place where we can still see part of the mosque. It is possible to climb the Torre del Homenaje and at its base we find a XNUMXth century chapel. In addition, Christopher Columbus stayed in the upper part when he came to seek financing for his trips.

Basilica of Our Lady of Miracles

Church of Puerto de Santa María

This is the main church of Puerto de Santa María, built in the XNUMXth century in the upper part of the city with the rise of the Dukes of Medinaceli. It is built with sandstone and its original style is Gothic, of which the façade of the feet remains, called Puerta del Perdón. Inside we see a floor plan with three naves and a XNUMXth century choir. The chapels are from different periods and the oldest are those of Santa Rita and the Holy Guardian Angel. The church suffered an earthquake and was rebuilt in the seventeenth century with areas such as its side portal called Puerta del Sol that overlooks the Plaza de España.

Rafael Alberti Foundation

The poet Rafael Alberti belonged to the Generation of 27 and was born in El Puerto de Santa María. During the visit to this town, you can pass by the house where the poet lived with his family, which today is a foundation. Inside are the poet's donations to the city and it is possible to see paintings and objects related to the artist. It is also a beautiful old building well preserved so it is worth visiting.

Visit the Osborne Winery

Osborne wineries

Surely you all know the Osborne bull and drink. Well, in El Puerto de Santa María we can find precisely the well-known Osborne Winery. This old winery from 1800 was currently conditioned to receive visitors and to learn more about the production of these wines. You can see the old winery with information panels and also see the Osborne Bull Museum to learn about the history of this famous bull that we have all seen on the roads of Spain. During the visit we can also see a brandy cellar and do a tasting of various wines.

Courtyards of the Palace Houses

Palace houses

This city was a very important point of commerce due to its locationHence, many rich merchants built beautiful palace houses that today are part of the historical heritage of the city. One of the most interesting visits we can make is to these palace houses in which we will also see beautiful and typical interior courtyards. This town is known as the City of 10 palaces precisely because of this. We can see the Aranibar Palace from the seventeenth century with a Mudejar room and where today the tourist office is. Also noteworthy are the Casa Palacio de los Leones and the Casa Palacio Blas de Lezo.

Stroll through the bay of Cádiz

Bay of Cádiz

Another of the most common things we can do in this town is take a boat ride through the Bay of Cádiz. It is also possible to go to the city of Cádiz by boat, instead of using a car or bus, something that many people do when they go to visit the city. Be part of Puerto Sherry, one of the best-known leisure areas in the town where we can also find a large number of restaurants that offer the typical fried fish and other dishes with fish and shellfish that are common in its gastronomy.

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