Beaches of Portugal

Talking about all the beaches that Portugal has is not easy, mostly because we are talking about more 20 Portuguese beaches. However, as it happens in many other places, the truth is that not all of them are known and only some are the most striking (although if you are one of those who want some privacy, it is best to do a little research.

Within beaches of Portugal one of the best known is that of Algarve, also called or known as the «Costa Azul». It is a dream place for many because the rock formation it has and the blue sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean gives it a beauty that few beaches can have. This is something that makes the beach one of the most visited so that in summer it is usually very crowded and sometimes it is difficult to find a place. It has many services for tourists and you can practice some water sports there.

Other striking beaches can be Ilha de Tavira or Albufeira. And, without a doubt, within the island beaches, we could highlight the ones you find in Madeira and the Azores, full of natural attraction and beaches to choose from (there will even be some where you are alone).

All the beaches are characterized by receive the waters of the atlantic and they are a bit cold but ideal for sports. In fact, many people are often seen surfing and windsurfing as well as many other water sports because the beaches allow this.

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