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It may be that one of the new resolutions of the year is to travel more, and see more destinations, but not all of us have a pocket prepared for the costs of some trips. However, those who have had to tighten their belts forever know the better ways to save, also as far as traveling is concerned. So we are going to give you a few practical tips to travel cheaper this year.

You may already know many of these things, or we may make you think that perhaps you were not saving much when traveling. Either way, we hope to help you get deals and trips to be able to see more places in the world.

Flexible destinations


One of the most important things to get to travel at a good price is not having a fixed destination. Every year prices change, and there are destinations that are highly sought after, which are not so cheap due to demand. But there are others that can be very interesting, and that are also special. Places like Thailand, Tunisia or Poland they can be good economic destinations for this year. But there are many more. If you search without having a fixed place, you may find real bargains at places that surprise you. A true traveler is eager to discover every corner of the planet.

Use the App


Today there are applications for everything, even to get the best trips at the best price. It is not necessary to go to an agency, where of course they will give us travel packages, but at high prices. With the Kayak application we can compare ticket prices and get the cheapest ones. With Booking we will find accommodation wherever we go. To get the cheapest tickets, we must not stop downloading applications such as Hooper, which look for the cheapest flights, but not only that, but also what is the ideal time to buy the tickets, in an estimated way. With Skypicker We have an App in which we will find super cheap destinations, although we must be able to fly at any time, or look for flexible destinations when we have vacations to always get the best deals.

The best time to buy tickets

There are many things that are said about the ideal time to buy the tickets. From seven weeks before to 21 days. What is clear is that we should not wait until the last minute, when prices inflate much more. There is a trick that we can use when we book. And it is that many times we see a ticket at a price, and if we want to take another, it has already gone up. Well, experts recommend delete cookies tracking the page so that the price does not rise.

Avoid peak season


Maybe not everyone can avoid this, and is that the vast majority of people have vacations at the same time, in summer, on long weekends and at Christmas. But if you are one of the lucky few who can plan them, look for other months when it will be much cheaper to travel. February and MarchFor example, they are ideal to find great deals, or September and October. These are the months when fewer people travel and when we find many more offers, both in tickets and accommodation, and there are many destinations that can be visited throughout the year without problem.

Save on accommodation


There are many ideas for saving on accommodation. Years ago we only considered going to a hotel, in the traditional style, but today there are many more possibilities. We can search for all kinds of hotels on Booking, with offers, but we can also stay in the famous hostels, which are cheap but have enough. Always make sure to look at the comments of users and the photos that they post, since they may be different from what they sell us, and thus we get an idea of ​​what we will find. You can also look for apartment accommodation, or do home swaps.

Save on transportation


In big cities we will almost always find ways to make transportation cheaper. A great example of this is the transport card London Oyster, for example. Many of these cards are taken out for several days, so that we save a lot when going from one place to another. We must inform ourselves before we go so as not to end up adding expenses for things like transportation and food. These expenses can also be controlled if we have everything planned.

What to see, find out

On many occasions we pay for see things when there are specific days in those that are free, as in museums. We must inform ourselves of those interesting things to do in a city that can be free, to enjoy a great deal without spending much. And if we have to pay, we can always search for offers and discounts in advance online.

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