Practical tips for traveling to Rome

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La Rome City It is a destination that attracts thousands of tourists each year, and it is not for less, since in this city there is a lot of contained history. If the city of Rome is one of those that you have pending, it is good that you read these simple practical tips for traveling to Rome that can help you a little to make the most of this experience.

For all those who want to enjoy the Rome City In the best way, it is better to carry a few things clear so that the trip is perfect. Rome is a city that also has its customs and its details and that is why it is always better to know what we are going to find beforehand.

Plan the trip in advance


Like any other trip, we must plan things in advance so as not to waste time looking for information on schedules, visits and areas of the city. The ideal is take a more or less fixed itinerary to know what we are going to see each day and thus cover everything we want to enjoy in the city. In the case of Rome, it is clear that on our list will be some of the most important monuments, such as the Colosseum, but we can also enjoy the incredible Vatican Museums, which will take us a while, and such emblematic places as the Spanish Steps. . A good idea is to make a list of essential visits that we want to do and another with the most secondary things, which we will see if the time comes.

Go walk around

In Rome we can find interesting things in every corner. The ideal is to spend more than five days in it to be able to see places that are not so touristy, churches, streets and remote areas of the most commercial. Thus we will discover the authentic Rome, which holds great treasures due to its great history. Although we may be tempted to go from one place to another with public transport, in these ancient cities it is worth getting lost in their streets and enjoying the historical places that have been watching people for centuries.

Eat at small stalls

Streets of Rome

To make the most of the day we can eat at stalls or in small places where they serve cut pizza, there pizza al taglio. So we can enjoy one of the quintessential Italian delicacies and continue to see many more things in the city. Eating in its squares watching people go by is also another interesting experience. At night, when museums and monuments close, we can take more time to enjoy dinner in a typical restaurant.

Be careful with the schedules

Rome's schedules are somewhat different from those of the Spanish. Everything is done earlier, so even while on vacation we will inevitably have to get up early. The most visited monuments open around 8:30 AM and close early in winter, around 17.00:19.00 PM and around 12.00:15.00 PM in summer, more or less. That is why it is better to take advantage of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon to see things and save the walks for later. Roman churches close at noon, from noon to approximately 20.00pm. Museums are usually open until XNUMX:XNUMX in the afternoon.

Sundays and Mondays

On Sundays you should avoid visiting churches and religious buildings, as they have services that cannot be interrupted for tourists. It is better to visit the churches on weekdays. On the other hand, the Monday is the museum closing day, so these visits must be planned for another day.

A little history beforehand


Although we all know a little about the history of Rome, it is better to bring guides or books to get to know a bit of the history of each corner. This is essential in any visit, to enjoy the monuments much more, if we understand the function they had and what happened in them.

Clothing in holy places

We must bear in mind that there are sacred places such as churches in which in many cases they do not allow to pass with bare shoulders, with shorts or skirts above the knees. If we are going to visit certain spaces, it is better to inquire before or simply bring a light and discreet clothing for the occasion.

Beware of thefts

This happens in any crowded tourist place. Robberies are particularly common in crowded places. Must have always handbag and do not put the backpack on the back, always better forward to avoid opening it.

Take it easy

Rome is steeped in history and monuments, so it's best to take it easy. We may not get to see everything we want in one trip, but it is said that people always return to Rome, so we can leave it as something pending for the next one. It is better to enjoy each place as it deserves, leaving the rush aside.

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