Reasons to travel more often

This article can be taken as advice for everyone or a list of reasons to travel more often so as not to forget and self-encourage each of us to travel more often. I include myself in it, I travel much less than I would like. What if we make a piggy bank and in a few months we plant ourselves in Bali? How about India? Maybe Greece?

Where in the world would you go right now if you could? I would have it clear ...

Next, we leave you with all those reasons that we should never forget to catch the plane, the train or the car more often and go anywhere. Because every place has something new to offer us.

 Reason 1: Get to know cultures different from yours

Our own culture, which brings together both a way of life and customs in common, we may like more or less, depending on what moment we are living, since everything influences ... The fact of traveling to a place very different from ours with a whole culture different not only gives us that new knowledge of the world but also open our minds to new possibilities, the new discoveries and new daily personal realities that maybe we didn't even know before. This knowledge makes us much more tolerant, much more open and much more knowledgeable about the reality that the world lives in different parts of it.

In this way we will also discover that not everything is as it is depicted in the media and that there are many perspectives of the same reality.

Reason 2: To keep a life-travel journal

Who more and who less has written (or at least, has started) a life diary. In it we usually tell about everything that we have experienced during the day to day, what has bothered or worried us, etc. That diary of life is almost always focused either on ourselves, or on those people who are close to us and who in one way or another matter to us and influence us. Well, traveling, our life-travel journal will not only be much richer but we will be able write down anecdotes and other experiences that they will be fun to reread a few years later or leave them as "notebooks" for our future offspring.

This life-travel diary will also make us perceive how rich our life has been throughout the years with each and every one of the trips we have made.

Reason 3: meet new people

In our comfort zone, In addition to our routine comforts, there are also those people we have known forever, those people we have close to at work, high school friends, family, etc. Having these people around helps us to have some control of our life, but don't you think there are too many people in the world to be able to expand our circle of friends?

The best experience you can take when traveling, in addition to knowing the site in question, is make friends or travel companions there. They will let you know stories of the place that may not come in books or are well known, they will be able to recommend places much more beautiful than those that usually come in travel guides and of course, you will have another perception of the world different from the one you have. or did you have before leaving.

Reason 4: See creations made by the hand of man or by nature

Am I the only one who is looking forward to seeing the Taj-Mahal in India? It must be impressive to be able to see it only a few meters away! Or the pyramids of Egypt, or the Iguazu falls, or the Amazon rainforest, or what may be left of ancient Athens, Rome, etc ...

Yes, it is true, in our country and more specifically, in our city, we have wonderful things made by man or by nature, that foreigners may be wanting to see and that in fact, they come every year to see them ... But as we have the great luck of being able to enjoy them daily, why wouldn't we want to see other magnificent places and sites in the world?

If this is your main reason for traveling, don't forget the reflex camera ...

Reason 5: The experience of traveling itself

The last reason we give you, we could give you many more but possibly we would not finish, is that of live the experience of traveling itself. Already with this reason it should be worth us.

The human being yearns to have money, and as a general rule (sadly), it is to buy materials and objects with the false idea that they will give us happiness (a big house, a flashy, late-model car, fashionable clothes, etc. ). We recommend that you save, yes, ... Save money, because unfortunately, traveling costs money and that is a reality that we cannot change (although today there are quite a few remedies low-cost so as not to spend so much on our trips), and with the money saved do not do anything other than travel. Travel alone, with your friends, with your family, with your partner, but travel! It is the biggest and best experience you can give yourself. The trips leave memories in the soul and in the heart ... Objects deteriorate and only take up space ...

We hope we have convinced or at least encouraged you to travel a little more, to make that dream that you have been yearning for so many years come true… Take a suitcase, four necessary things and enjoy the trip. It is the best advice we can give you.

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