Recommendations and health advice for 3 different destinations (II)

Yesterday we brought you the first article of these recommendations and health advice, which you can read in this link. Today we bring you a new one about it, but this time taking into account 3 different destinations. Where will you travel next? If you want to know what vaccines are necessary to travel to the destination you have in mind, let us know in the comments section, and we will solve your doubts ...

Are you traveling to Saudi Arabia?

If you soon have a scheduled trip to Saudi Arabia, whether for work or leisure reasons, you should know everything about that country.

Data you should know

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riad and the official language is Arabic. Its population reaches just over 22.000.000 inhabitants and its currency is the Saudi riyad.

Ten be careful with the temperatures depending on the season in which you travel, since it is an extremely hot country. Its temperatures during the summer months can exceed 45ºC and during winter the average temperature is around 25ºC. There it rains very little but when it does, the few, is usually between November and February, and during the month of May.

Recommended and required vaccinations

  • Companies that vaccines Recommended are the official Vaccination Calendar, which we all keep up to date.
  • Furthermore, the required vaccine, as happens in other countries that we have seen previously, is that of the Yellow fever travelers older than 1 year who come from regions with risk of transmission of said disease or those others who have spent more than 12 hours in airport stopovers in places with Yellow Fever.
  • In another vein, for those pilgrims of the Umrah and Hajj Certificate of vaccination against quadrivalent meningococcal meningitis, flu and polio is required.

Are you traveling to India?

For those who like me, dream of ever traveling to India, but unlike me, they already have almost everything they need to fulfill that dream, here we leave you with reference to everything you need to know about this peculiar and unique country. special.

Data you should know

Its capital is New Delhi and his language is Hindi. It currently has an immense population: are the inhabitants that populate it.

Su currency is Indian rupee and as for your climate We could say that it can be divided into three seasons: cold (from October to February), hot (from March to June) and rainy (from June to September). Between June and October there could be isolated cases of monsoons.

Recommended and required vaccinations

The only vaccine required as such is once again that of the Yellow fever. If you arrive without having a yellow fever vaccination certificate, you can be isolated for 6 days if you meet any of these terms:

  1. You have just arrived after 6 days having visited a country with Yellow Fever risk or you have traveled through that area, even if you have not stayed.
  2. You arrive on a ship that has departed or touched a port located in a yellow fever zone, even 30 days after that.
  3. Or finally, if you have arrived on a plane, which, having been in a risk zone, has not been disinfected in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Regulations on Air Navigation.

As far as recommended vaccines are concerned, we will have to be up to date with all the vaccines on our official calendar.

There risk of contracting malaria throughout the country below 2.000 meters in height.

Are you traveling to Jordan?

Jordan is located north of Saudi Arabia, and borders Iraq, Israel and Syria. If you travel there this is what you should know.

Data you should know

The capital of Jordan is Amman and is 800 meters above sea level. The official language is Arabic and its currency the Jordanian Dinar. There is a population greater than 5.000.000 inhabitants and currently it has certain conflict zones, but as we have said on other occasions, what country does not have them?

Recommended and required vaccinations

  • Required vaccine: Yellow fever in people older than 1 year.
  • Recommended vaccines: Those exposed in the official vaccination calendar.

These are the 3 countries we are dealing with today: Saudi Arabia, India and Jordan. As we said in the previous article, leave us your questions about other countries in the comments section and we will comment on them in another article. Thanks!

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