Requirements to travel from Mexico to Europe

Travel from Mexico to Europe

Do you live in Mexico and your dream is to travel to Europe to enjoy its unique customs and places? If the answer is yes then you are in the best place. We are going to tell you the basic requirements so that you can travel from Mexico to Europe with total security and confidence.

Since on many occasions when such a trip arises, we do not always know what the documents that you are going to request. After discovering it behind these lines, you will only have to relax and enjoy the well-deserved holidays, because they are not always as attractive as these.

Is the visa a requirement to travel from Mexico to Europe?

Without a doubt, it is always one of the most pronounced questions. The truth is that if you are going to be less than three months visiting Europe or the so-called Schengen area, then you will not need a visa. So if your vacation is only a couple of weeks or more, you should not worry because you do not have to request this documentation, since it is understood that you are only passing through.

Requirements to travel to Europe

The passport, always valid

You just have to remember that the passport must always be valid. But this fact occurs regardless of the destination to which we travel. In this case it is about Europe and we must keep everything up to date so that there are no problems. Its validity must include more than three months.

The ETIAS form

For just over three years, a new process was established to travel from Mexico to Europe. As of the year 2021, all Mexicans must fill out this form or permit. It can be called a kind of authorization to be able to enjoy your trip without major problem. You can fill out this form called ETIAS online and it is valid for three years.

In it you must enter your name, travel details, as well as passport information, etc. There is always a guide to completing the ETIAS form that will help you in what you need. In a few minutes and after an approximate payment of seven euros (160 Mexican pesos) you will have it ready. After this request, you will have a reply two or three days later in your email address. All of this has the purpose of be able to strengthen security in Europe.

Passport to travel

Round-trip tickets

You must keep the plane tickets very well. Because although it may not seem like it a priori, they can require them at any time. This will show that you really have a date of entry to the different countries, but also output. For this reason, we must always carry them with us, well stored, but not too much because we can even forget in which pocket of the suitcase or backpack they are.

Health insurance, always a good option

In other words, it is not compulsory to enter European countries, but it is necessary. Because when we are so far from home and for so many days, one never knows what can happen. Every time we travel to other countries, it doesn't hurt to take out some insurance That we cover the essentials, especially in matters of health and emergencies. If we go with children, then it does become more than essential, since as we know, they can get sick more often than we would like.

Fill in the ETIAS form

Reservations per day

It does not always happen, but with migration everything is possible. Sometimes they can even request the itinerary that we have marked. Of course, the traveler does not always know exactly the areas where he will move, yes that taking hotel reservations or tours will help a lot. As we say, it is not something mandatory, but to keep calm, nothing like carrying the online reservations that we have requested.

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