Romantic getaway to Alacati, in Turkey

Alacati Beaches

The Turkish coast is a great destination for a vacation or to relax for a long weekend. The Aegean or Bosphorus coast is still quite hot in October so if you could not leave in the middle of the season this destination is still enabled.

The turkish coast it has greek airs and its coves hide dream villages and boutique hotels. alacati is one of them, a lovely seaside village that you can add to your list of destinations for romantic getaways or fall vacations.


Alacati streets

It is a coastal village that is in the Izmir province of Turkey, on the west coast and on the Aegean. It was founded in 1850 when Ottoman Greek workers were brought in from the islands to clear the lands of malaria. Once the disease disappeared, the people decided to stay and start a town and a new life, so taking advantage of the sun, the fertile land and the strong winds, they began to grow.

Thus, for a century and a half its vineyards, its ancient architecture and its mills have been attracting visitors. They have been joined in recent years by those who practice kitesurfing or windsurfing, due to the intensity of the winds. It is 72 kilometers from the city of Izmir itself, near the end of the Cesme peninsula, and has a charming architecture of stone houses and narrow streets that today are lined with shops, restaurants and boutique hotels. The village has become so popular that there are about 80 accommodations of this type, including hostels and hotels.

In the mid-twentieth century the predecessor of the UN, the League of Nations, ordered the exchange of population so after the Second War Muslim Turks from the Balkans were brought to the village and the Greeks were returned to their homes in Greece. The village was forgotten in time for many years and thus it was preserved whole and beautiful. Today it is very touristy and that is why, if you escape the summer, in autumn it becomes a much calmer place to visit.

How to get to Alacati


We said the village is 45 minutes from Izmir, about 45 minutes drive from Istanbul. You can take a direct flight to Izmir all year round from the Turkish capital with rates from 37 euros. There are also direct flights from other cities in Europe.

There are taxis from Izmir Airport to Alacati for about 16 euros and there is also the Havas shuttle bus service.

Where to stay in Alacati

There is a variety of hotels and rates. Among the most expensive hotels is, for example, Manastir, a boutique hotel built like a church, with wooden doors and white furniture. It offers 18 rooms located around a 25-meter pool and the rates are from 450 Turkish lira (137 euros), the standard room, 550 (167 euros) the suit and 800 (243 euros), the Deluxe Suit. Prices are for October. Includes taxes, minibar and breakfast.

As well there are family hotels very good, for example the Hotel 1850, which operates in a charming 20th century building, restored and modernized. Rates are cheaper than the first one and include breakfast and taxes (between 30 and XNUMX euros). There are many hotels and some are very good and have good prices so if you decide on Alacati in that field you should do a thorough search to get the best price.

Things to do in Alacati

Ilica Beach

Well, the variety and quantity of hotels in the village ensures great moments of relaxation. They have a pool, they are charming, some are built on the heights and everything is beautiful. People still prefer to spend their afternoons in the beaches of the peninsula, with white sands, bathed in crystalline and somewhat greenish waters.

There are many lovely beaches and you might even run into a soccer star who has come in the off-season to get away from celebrity photographers. The Fun beachFor example, it is huge and great: transparent waters with a sea bed of soft sand, you can rent a sunbed and umbrella, a small boat for a walk or windsurfing equipment. But there are many more. The Kum beach It is one of the closest to the village and one of the most intimate. The Ilica beach It has a Blue Flag and one of the most popular and warmer waters. There is also the Marrakesh beach.

Kum Beach

In autumn, if you want to take advantage of the fact that it is not terribly hot as in July or August, you can drive and drive away to know the vineyards which are only 15 minutes away. Cesme Bagcilik's is beautiful and has an observation tower that gives you great panoramic views while you taste their wines. Continuing with the gastronomic wave in autumn, the Flavors Festival with recipes and culinary traditions from the Aegean, demonstrations, tastings and workshops.


In terms of excursions around you can sign up for a tour and get to know the old ruins of the city of Pergamon, World Heritage, with a Hellenic theater built on a hillside dating back to the XNUMXrd century BC Or even back to Izmir, a city that has its own attractions: the Yali Mosque, the 1901 Clock Tower, the Museum of Modern Art, its wildlife park or zoo.

Ephesus It is another great destination, almost a worthy rival to Pompeii. The Greek city is from the 25th century BC, it was Roman and then Byzantine so there are centuries of history between those rocks. The Augustus Gate and the Library of Celsus are magnificent and the Great Amphitheater with capacity for XNUMX thousand people is breathtaking.

alacati 2

In short, the Turkish coast hides these wonders and many others. The advantage of visiting Alacati in autumn is that prices drop, the heat drops and the number of tourists drops.. The hotels are beautiful, their cobbled streets decorated with cafes and restaurants as well and their landscapes retain their beauty even into November. Did the holidays remain in the inkwell? Well, Alacati may be the solution ...

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