Romantic holidays in Paris

Paris is the romantic city par excellence and there are many couples who come with the hope of living a few romantic days strolling through its streets, its popular monuments and its exquisite restaurants.

If you are thinking of going to Paris with your better half, write these tips to turn the trip into something good but good romantic: places to visit, restaurants to eat and dishes to taste. All with love, a lot of love.

Romantic visits in Paris

Un little cruise on the waters of the Seine should not be missing. Especially when the cruise ship passes below the Pont Marie and tradition indicates kissing. Photo and memory engraved forever.

With regard to the museums, the beautiful Monet's works is in the Musée de l'Orangerie and if they both share a love for Impressionism, it is beautiful to stop in front of these works full of color and flashes of light.

Climb to the eiffel tower It is another top, especially if you can dine in one of its restaurants to enjoy a luxury service with the best views of the French capital. The best way to escape the long lines that form, especially in high season, is precisely to book a dinner, so keep that in mind.

If so much elegance does not go with you and you like the relaxed more, you can opt for a walk and dinner in the Latin Quarter. The narrow streets of this part of Paris are charming, there are small places, stairs, alleys, cafes and hidden terraces.

El Buttes-Chaumont Park It is one of the most beautiful in Paris as it has cliffs, temples and waterfalls. It's in the borough 19 and is also one of the largest in the city. If you have doubts about living or not visiting a park, choose this one. You can walk hand in hand through its trails, eat something and enjoy the outdoors. The same in the most popular Tuileries garden, the largest and oldest public park in Paris.

El Tuileries Garden It was designed by the same person who designed the vast and beautiful gardens of Versailles, so if you are not going to visit the palace, you can imagine it here. As an extra piece of information, UNERSCO has declared it World Heritage in 1991.

Oscar Wilde is one of the most romantic writers in history and his grave is in the popular Père Lachaise Cemetery. For six years there has already been a Wall of Kisses that separates the grave because the custom was to leave the mark of the lipstick on it. Oscar Wilde wrote A kiss can ruin a human life, so hence the custom.

There is a part of Paris that time and the cinema have made popular among Parisian couples when it comes to taking wedding photos: it is the Bir Hakeim Bridge, west of the city. Has appeared in the film Inception y The last Tango in Paris, for example, and has the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Another famous bridge is the Pont des Arts with their padlocks. Not long ago it was cleaned of padlocks because its weight endangered the bridge.

My favorite bridge, however, is the Pont Neuf with its "private nooks" with benches perfect for a couple to sit, have a romantic view and take a photo. Walk on the Vivienne Gallery It also has its charm as the galleries are beautiful with mosaic floors and glass ceilings. It is a very romantic place and has shops, cafes and bars to lose a few minutes.

And if you like the views then you can go at sunset at Tour Montparnasse which is 210 meters high and it is a real skyscraper.

Romantic meals in Paris

A site that is very popular thanks to television is Kong. It is a glass roof restaurant that appeared in the series Sex in the City. The views of the river Seine are great. It opened its doors in 2003 and has very modern airs with its glass ceiling and acrylic chairs, the creation of the prestigious decorator Philippe Starck. It has a great atmosphere, a well-stocked cocktail bar, and excellent cuisine.

It on the fifth floor of the Haussmann building and each window has a different view of Paris: the Pont Neuf, the Samaritan building with its Art-Deco style, the Siena, the headquarters of Louis Vuitton. There is an open-air smoking area, very chic with its golden decoration in the Louis XVI style, and a menu that, although not cheap, does not destroy your pocket either.

More, if your plan is a romantic outing. The starter dishes are around 20 or 25 euros, the main ones between 30 and 50 euros and the desserts from 13 to 15 euros. The lunch menu starts at 35 euros and you can also enjoy a brunch for similar prices.

A typical sweet of France are the macaroni And although they are bought anywhere there are some better than others: carette is a shop with many tastes near the Eiffel Tower, on the Champs Elysees is Laduree and also those of Jean-Paul Hévin, but if you want exotic flavors there are the macaroni of Sadaharu aoki, Japanese style.

In a romantic breakfast you can not miss the croissants and among the five best places to buy are Eric Kayser (on rue Monge and only 1 euro), Gontran Cherrier (on rue Caulaincourt) or RDT on rue de Turenne.

Thus, if you travel to Paris in a romantic plan, combine any of the excursions that we recommend with an elegant dinner, with a post-marathon love breakfast with croissants and good coffee. You will never forget Paris.

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