Royal Caribbean: A Good Alternative for Singles Cruises

Would you like it travel alone and return accompanied? If you are currently without a partner, and you are looking for company, then you will be interested to know that today there is a new sector within tourism, and it is about travel for singles or for singles. Different travel agencies currently offer a series of travel offers, tours, cruises, expeditions, and others, exclusively for singles.


One of the most outstanding trips are undoubtedly the Cruise. One of the most prestigious companies that offer these promotions for singles is Royal Caribbean, which offers interesting travel options with different destinations to choose from such as the Mediterranean, Morocco, Egypt, among other destinations. It is important to mention that on special dates such as Valentine's Day, New Years, Christmas, etc., very fun themed parties are usually held. There is no doubt that these floating paradises where we find shops, restaurants, discos, swimming pools, etc., are a precise place to enjoy the company of other single travelers. One of the company's most popular ships is Oasis of the Seas.


It is important to mention that Royal Caribbean offers a series of routes to and from Spain, and that the Spanish ports they are heavily besieged during the summer season. You will be interested to know that during 2011, Royal Caribbean will open a new base in Palma de Mallorca with its cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas.

Among the latest news about the company, we tell you that its cruises through the coasts of Haiti They remain in force, despite criticism from certain sectors, who do not see this situation favorably in the face of the shock that the Caribbean country suffers after the earthquake.

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  1.   Oscar said

    I would like to know if there are cruises for singles and departure from Peru or someone can recommend a good one.

  2.   yessika said

    I would like to know if cruises for singles and single women leave from Colombia, and all the information related to it

  3.   Nancy mujica said

    Hi! I would like to know if you have departure in December 2010 from Venezuela, could you also send me other departure options.

    Likewise, I would appreciate if you could send me information on departure dates, itinerary and prices.

    Thank you!

  4.   Jesus Huarcaya said

    Hello, I am from Peru and I would like to know the cruises that there are for the month of October and November, with departures from Peru or the closest.
    Thank you

  5.   frank29327 said

    I would like to know about cruises for singles: dates, places, prices, age distribution and how they ensure that it is balanced between men and women. It would not be interesting if there were many men and few women or they were of very different ages.

  6.   genesis said

    good .. I require information on a cruise for singles and single women, exactly for the month of September for the Caribbean .. please send a quote. for 2 persons.

  7.   Claudia said

    I need all the information related to these cruises.

    Thank you very much

  8.   frank29327 said

    Friends, as it is seen that this company is not answering the queries, I propose that we use this page as a forum to share alternatives that everyone knows and their characteristics, so we can help each other see options. If anyone knows of a forum in this regard, please indicate the address of the page.
    A hug for all.

  9.   patty said

    I would like information on cruises for singles, to leave from the last week of December.

  10.   LIZ said

    I am interested in receiving information regarding the different destinations and rates