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Tourism rural

El rural tourism in Spain is increasingly popular, because it allows us to carry out interesting activities, discover nature and see places of incredible beauty outside the most touristy and crowded circuits. This type of tourism has been revalued over time and today it is already very important, offering all kinds of experiences.

Let's see the places in Spain that most invite us to immerse ourselves in the great rural tourism, a type of tourism that offers us to enjoy nature, learn from it and get away from the bustle of cities. There are many reasons why you should sign up for rural tourism.

Why do rural tourism

This type of tourism is aimed at getting in touch with nature, learning to take life more calmly and relax. If what you want is to get away from the excess of people and noise in the cities, rural tourism is what you need. This tourism helps us to relax, to enjoy environments in the middle of nature and also to appreciate the passage of time, silence and tranquility. There is also a type of rural tourism oriented to diverse experiences such as horseback riding, archery and other activities that can broaden our horizons and have fun.

Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa are a highly sought after destination for rural accommodations. It is a destination that offers us many things to see and do, with rural houses in places like Cangas de Onís. In this national park we find the Covadonga Lakes area, a natural area of ​​great beauty where we can also do small hiking routes. We can also enjoy places like Naranjo de Bulnes, a peak towards which there is a great hiking trail. If you want to enjoy this sport, the Picos de Europa are ideal, because there are different routes with various routes such as the Cares, which is also very famous.


Enchanted city

Cuenca can be a perfect place to discover a rural tourism of contemplation, where you can live different experiences. The rock can become an important part in this type of tourism for places like the Enchanted City that attracts tourists every year. It is located in the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park and it is a landscape that began to form 90 million years ago, at the bottom of the Thetis Sea. Today we can see the geological formations of the karst and be surprised by the capricious forms that nature takes. We also propose the Route of the Faces, a route in the municipality of Buendia, in which we can see faces and shapes sculpted in the stone.



It is true that Cádiz tourism is almost always oriented towards the beach, but there is much more. In fact it already is famous the route of the White Villages in which we immerse ourselves in those small rural towns that have a lot of charm and stand out for their white houses. There are up to 19 white villages that can be visited on this great route. Arcos de la Frontera, Bornos, Olvera or the well-known Setenil de las Bodegas, the town that has literally developed among the rocks.


Irati Forest

In Navarra we can stay in establishments rural areas to see and tour the famous Irati Forest. It is the second largest and best preserved beech-fir forest on the continent after the Black Forest. It is located in the Eastern Pyrenees and offers us many things to do, from bicycle routes to hiking trails. It is recommended to visit this forest during the fall, since everything takes on a beautiful color. Another totally different place that can be seen in rural Navarra are the well-known Bardenas Reales. It is a semi-desert landscape that has become a Biosphere Reserve.

Taramundi and Oscos region


If you want to be surprised with a town with rural essence, you cannot miss Taramundi. You can enjoy seeing the cutlery with artisans who make all kinds of knives, as well as the area of ​​the old mills in Mazonovo. In Taramundi it is also possible to do some hiking routes and especially to stop in the quiet and tranquility of this place.

Sil canyons

Canyons of the SIl

In Galicia you can enjoy the beach and the mountains in equal parts, with many places where you can go hiking. The Sil Canyons are a privileged place where there are routes to see the canyons from different angles and viewpoints. Another way to enjoy them is doing a catamaran route on the Sil river. This is an area there are also several monasteries that may be of interest and it is the place where there are Ribeira Sacra wine cellars, so you can also do routes that include visits to the cellars.

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