Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is a lovely theme park located in the Lapland region in Finland. It is very close to Rovaniemi and is one of the most touristic places in the country, especially during the Christmas season. Already in November we are surrounded by Christmas motifs and there are many people who enjoy this time and with everything that has to do with its typical characters such as Santa Claus.

Let's see what can be done in this peculiar villa located in Lapland, where the Arctic Circle begins. It is a thematic part that is undoubtedly incredible for the little ones, but it can also be a great trip for adults. Discover the corners that await you in Santa Claus Village.

How to get to Santa Claus Village

East themed place is located very close to Rovaniemi, just eight kilometers, and two kilometers from the city's airport, making it easily accessible. Not only can we get to this airport, but people also usually stop at Helsinki-Vantaa. Although in low season there are not so many flights, during the Christmas season these are increased three times, so it will be easier to find one. This park is also connected by bus to the city of Rovaniemi, from which you can go to other cities in Finland by bus or train.

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Santa Claus Village

This was one of the things that people traveled for up to this point when this themed villa had not yet been installed. At this point there is a line that marks the invisible point in which we enter the Arctic Circle. People usually take pictures crossing this point, since it is something emblematic. Without a doubt, it is one of the few things we can do in Santa Claus Village, but it is already a classic and makes us feel in a very special place.

Roosevelt's Cabin

Many people wonder what a Roosevelt Cabin does in this place. The truth is that this cabin was built quickly in 1950 to greet the first lady, Mrs. Roosevelt at that time, who came to see how the works were going to rebuild this place punished by the Second World War. This cabin was located a few meters from the current one and over time it became a tourist attraction. The current cabin has been built at the exact point of the Arctic Circle to make it even more touristy and interesting. In it you can buy souvenirs and take photos.

Santa Claus House

Santa Claus Village

If there is a place that is of utmost importance in this themed space is definitely the house of Santa Claus. It is a house that is beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. This is where we can find Santa Claus, with whom we can talk and take photos and even a video. As it cannot be otherwise, we also find a shop where you can buy fun souvenirs to remember this beautiful moment.

Santa Claus Post Office

In Santa Claus Village we will also find the Santa Claus Post Office, which is managed by the Finnish Post Office. As we well know, the way to contact Santa Claus to make requests is by letter, so this office has a lot of work during Christmas. In the office there are armchairs so that we can write our own letter and send it to Santa Claus. In addition, we can see some letters that visitors have left and they tell us how many letters Santa Claus has received to date.

Snowman world

In this villa we can also enjoy these great facilities. It's about a ice bar and restaurant, with an ice hotel. This is another one of those experiences that we should not miss, since the photographs and memories will be impressive. Eating a hot plate of salmon, a very typical ingredient, is one of the big stars in this ice restaurant. They also have a fun ice ramp for some fun. If we can also stay in an ice hotel, the experience will be even more complete.

Sleigh rides

Husky sled

Like anywhere we find snow, at Santa Claus Village we have some fun activities for the whole family. One of the most popular is taking a ride on the cool sleds. These sleds are usually carried by dogs such as huskies and they are great entertainment for visitors. We may also see some reindeer. These types of experiences make this villa a totally thematic place that is suitable for the whole family. A visit that children will never forget.

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