Seychelles, which island to choose for the best holidays in paradise

Seychelles island

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and handy beach destinations in Europe, if one does not want to end up on the beaches of the Mediterranean, they are the Seychelles island. It is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, of white sands, warm climate, green jungles, cinnamon trees and pleasant peace.

I do not know anyone who has not enjoyed the Seychelles, so if this summer you are thinking of going to know them, here are some questions that you must take into account to "get the most out of the experience" and know choose which island Seychelles to go to.

The Seychelles Islands


The islands they are more than a thousand kilometers from the African coast, in the area of ​​Mauritius or Madagascar. The capital of the islands is Victoria and the total population is around ninety thousand people. It is the smallest independent state in Africa and achieved that independence in 1976, when it ceased to belong to the United Kingdom, although it is part of the Commnwealth.

Currently there are only 16 islands that offer accommodation so when deciding where you are going to stay you can check the offers on these islands, it is the first step when organizing the trip. There are from five-star category hotels with all the luxuries to more rustic hostels or cabins on the beach. Therefore, even if you don't have a lot of money, you can enjoy it.

The place, whatever it is, is beautiful and on all the islands you have the opportunity to swimming, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling or just slow down the urban revs and relax.

Praslin Island

Beach in Praslin

It is the second largest island of the group and is inhabited by 6500 people but still is a very quiet island, less developed than Mahe, for example, and recommended if you want to rest and relax only. The beaches are beautiful and two of them are often among the best beaches in the world: Anse Geogette, Cote D'Or and Anse Lazio. If you like to play golf this is the destination in Seychelles because It has an 18 hole golf course.

Choosing this island will not prevent you from visiting others because you can use it as base for exploring and hiking. You can see birds on Cousine Island, mangroves and giant tortoises on Curieuse Island, or swim and snorkel at St. Pierre. In Praslin proper there are three settlements: Baie St Anne, Grande Anse and Anse Volbert. Afterwards it is practically uninhabited.

Lemuria Resort

The beaches all around are beautiful, postcard-perfect, with turquoise waters and flour-fine sands. The beaches are the best thing about PraslinThat and the relaxed backpacker vibe is the one that prevails, although if you want a five-star resort you can have it because there are two, Raffles and Lemuria, with private beach, individual cabins and all the luxury you want.  The north coast is better than the south, Keep that in mind. To move around the island there are cheap buses and taxis that you can rent like you rent a car.

How do you get to Praslin? You arrive by boat from La Digue or from Mahe, in 45 minutes of catamaran trip from Mahe or in just 15 from La Digue. The ride is naturally beautiful and bumpy, so you can take a plane instead. From La Digue the crossing is calmer and shorter. If you fly by Air Seychelles you can include a stop in Praslin so consider that option.


Mahe Island

Mahé has like sixty beaches and coves hidden all over the place. It has a very lush interior, very green, and the beaches are white sand. The culture is Creole and there are small villages in addition to the city, as Mahe It is the largest and most populated island in the Seychelles. Victoria, the capital, is here on the northeast coast of the island.

If you don't want to think much or want to escape the most important tourism, Mahe can be your destination: There is jungle, there are mountains, there are waterfalls, there are beaches, you can do a lot of water sports. You can do a bit more activities, in terms of variety, than on the other popular islands. The mixture of urbanism and nature in its proper measure because Mahe is not New York either.


Morne Seychellois National Park divides the island into a western and an eastern sector. It is a tropical forest with peaks 900 meters high. If you disembark in Victoria you can take a bus or a taxi that goes along the route and crosses the mountains towards the west coast where there are good resorts, calm water beaches and more independent tourist accommodation at good prices. Here a popular destination is the Beau Vallon spa but if you keep going there are other beautiful villages and beaches, with less people.

Another interesting destination is Anse royal, a medium-sized city with restaurants, markets and shops. On the south coast you will not find anything more developed but you will find some of the best beaches in Mahe. Can you compare yourself to the beaches of Paslin or La Digue? If yours are dream beaches, I would choose those of these last two islands, worse without a doubt Mahe offers an interesting combo if you are traveling as a family.

Beau vallon

That would be my verdict: Mahe family is more recommended.

La Digue

La Digue

It is the smallest island of the inhabited islands. There are only 2 thousand people living, it has no airport and few routes. It is a destination of the most relaxed and calm but has some of the best and most popular beaches. You can get to know La Digue from Praslin or Mahe but if you like a quiet wave this may be your destination.

You will arrive at the village of La Passe, on the east coast, from which you can see the island of Praslin. The towns are not very far from each other. The best beaches are on the south coast, on the other side of the hill, Anse Source D 'Argent, Petit Anse, Grand Anse, Anse Cocos. To the north is Anse Severe and Anse Patates. It is always said that the most beautiful of all the beaches in Syechelles is the Source D'Argent so don't miss it.

Hotel in La Digue

To move from one place to another with freedom you can rent a bike. If you stay in a hotel it is likely that they will give it to you for free but there are several rental stores. You buy food and drink and go on excursions, isn't that great? There are few taxis and the rates are not that cheap, although you can rent them for half a day or the whole day if you don't want to ride a bike. There is a bus service that takes you around the island as well.

For luxurious accommodation there is only one option: La Domaine De L'Orangerie. Later there are small boutique hotels and some family hotels with kitchen. Most of the accommodation is in the city, not on the beach, but as the island is small, you are never far from the sea. And how to get to La Digue? There are seven ferries a day from Praslin. The trip is 15 minutes and costs 15 euros.

Sunset at La Digue

From Mahe there is nothing direct so you must go to Praslin by boat and from there to La Digue but it is done with a single ticket. There are two services per day and the ticket costs about 65 euros. A bit expensive, isn't it?

Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are thus the three most touristic islands of Syechelle. They are all three equally beautiful, none of them will disappoint you, but analyze well what type of vacation you are looking for in order to enjoy them as they deserve. Lucky!

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