Tips for choosing a good cruise for singles


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. singles cruises They are one of the preferred ways of traveling for those who do it alone. They see in them a magnificent option for know new people, while enjoying the magnificent boat facilities y discover new cities.

As for the latter, cruises allow you to visit several towns on each trip, with their monuments and natural environment. And, regarding the ships, they also organize endless entertainment activities that give the possibility of meeting other people. However, it is also important to know how to choose cruises for singles. Next, we are going to give you some tips to choose yours. But first we want to go deeper into explaining what these trips are like.

What are cruises like for singles?

Pools on a cruise for singles

Detail of the swimming pools of a cruise ship

First of all, we must break an established cliché: that cruises for singles are a form of dating. Logically, there are people who fall in love on these trips for the simple reason that they meet new people in places conducive to it. But It is not the purpose of this vacation model.

The vast majority of those who hire cruises for Singles They are single people who seek to travel and discover interesting places while meeting new friends. They even choose them groups of friends who seek to live an experience different from traditional vacations.

On the other hand, on these trips you can choose between individual or shared cabins with others. It's up to each person to choose the one they want. But one of the main common characteristics of these cruises is the call "day to break the ice". As you may have guessed, it involves talking to other singles who are in the same situation to start networking.

Likewise, on each scale, group excursions to know the wonders of the place. In this way, in addition to enjoying monuments and landscapes, the relationship with other travelers is deepened. And, already on board the ship, there are also events and activities with the same purpose.

How to choose one of these cruises for singles?

Cruise in a port

The famous Queen Elisabeth II cruise ship in a port

Once we have explained what cruises for singles are like, we are going to focus on the Aspects to take into account before hiring them. As you will see, they precisely have to do with the accommodation and the activities they offer you. And it is very important that you value them because they will influence the success of your trip. That is, that you enjoy them to the fullest.

Choose the cabin

Cruise Suite

Cruise cabin

It is, perhaps, the most relevant thing when booking a cruise for singles. As we told you, you have two options, the individual and the shared. However, not all ships offer the former. But you have another solution. If you travel alone and do not want to live in a cabin with someone you do not know, you can choose to pay the call single supplement for the double room and enjoy it alone.

It will come out more expensive. As happens in hotels, you will have to pay between fifty and one hundred percent more than in the case of shared accommodation. But, in exchange, you will have the room only for yourself. Therefore, it is important that when booking your cruise to Singles Pay attention to this aspect if you want individual accommodation.

On the contrary, there are other people who prefer to share the cabin. They also see it as another way to meet travelers and even find a companion for excursions. In this sense, the Internet offers you many travel forums where you can find cabin mates. In line with what we are explaining to you, the shared room will be cheaper.

Finally, regarding accommodation, look at If it offers you sea views or if it is interior. And you should also take into account if all expenses are included in the price or if, for example, you have to pay separately for drinks or cultural and recreational activities.

When to book cruises for singles?

Cruise ship dining room

One of the restaurants offered on cruise ships

The moment in which you book the cruises for singles will also influence the price. It is the same that happens with organized trips, hotels and airlines or other types of transportation. In high season, everything is more expensive. The cruise in general and the cabin in particular will cost you more than at any other time of the year.

On the contrary, if you don't mind traveling in low season, you will save a significant amount of money. However, in this case you should also pay attention to the scales that presents the itinerary. Please note that some locations may suffer adverse weather conditions depending on the season of the year. For example, it may be the season of torrential rains in them and your vacation will be ruined. Later, we will return to this point of the cities where the journey stops.

In any case, you have another possibility. Is about check last minute offers. To complete the ticket, travel agencies can launch calls «bargains» that will allow you to save a lot of money. On the other hand, you have the risk of being left without a ticket.

The type of cruise

Miniature golf

Singles cruises offer numerous activities such as mini golf

Among the cruises for singles you have different modalities. There are those that, in general terms, are identical to those organized for families, with activities both on board and on stopovers. But they also offer thematic type. The latter have different issues as their central axis. For example, sports, music or dance.

It is important that you pay close attention to the type of cruise when booking to avoid any surprises. But the last ones that we have mentioned will allow you socialize more with other passengers when participating in those activities.

The scales

Cruises in port

Cruises stopping at the port of Barcelona

As we told you before, stopovers are essential in the trip. In reality, this point is common to traditional cruises, but we cannot ignore it. It is not the same to enjoy tourist and monumental cities than stopping in towns with little interest. It is true that almost all cruises have attractive routes and stopovers. But it is different, for example, to stop at Greek islands than in large industrial cities.

In short, the singles cruises They are not trips to find a partner, although it can happen. It is about enjoying a vacation on board in which you have two possibilities: get in touch and Start a friendship with other travelers or relax in solitude. Go ahead and try them.

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