Snakes in Bali

Snakes I have always been a city girl, I am passionate about big cities like New York or London where I already lived a year. I like nature but in its proper measure and now due to a series of different coincidences of destiny I have ended up living in a remote town on the island of Bali. At first it was very difficult for me to adapt, I had never ridden a motorcycle or tried surfing so what else could I do here?

After a series of personal and relationship crises I am happy again, I do yoga, I am going to write near the sea, I have learned to ride a motorcycle and I have taken a liking to surfing. All very beautiful except for one thing: the snakes. The presence of snakes in Bali is not massive, but there are. I was walking a few weeks ago in the garden of my house when a thin but long snake walked over my feet what a horrible feeling.

And just a few days ago I was coming out of the bathroom resort Desa Seni where they do the best yoga classes in Bali when I came across another snake, this time thick and huge. Luckily I was able to lock myself in the sink again until it passed by. As locals have told me, the most dangerous are the lime green snakes, so be very careful with them.

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