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A few days ago the news reached us that Galicia was chosen by the Lonely Planet guide as the third best destination of the year. If we know this land we will know what they are talking about. Green landscapes, the history contained in its forts and country houses, huge white sand beaches and icy waters, a unique culture and a gastronomy that transcends borders.

It is for these and many other reasons that we believe that they should put it not in a third place but in the first. This time we are going to a small place in Galicia, we refer to the beautiful Rías Baixas, the place of cultivation of the famous albariño, of the most touristy beaches and of small charming towns. We have many corners to discover in this area of ​​Galicia.

Folón Mills

Folón Mills

These peculiar old mills are located in the municipality of O Rosal. It is a route of about nine kilometers in which we can see cascading mills, taking advantage of the natural course of the water. You can look for the oldest mill, which is number 11, among the 36 cascading mills on the route.

Barosa river waterfall

Barosa River

This waterfall is on the road between Caldas de Reis and Pontevedra. An ideal place to go with the family. It has a large parking lot and the waterfall is reached with a slight walk without difficulty. There is a bar in the space and tables for a picnic. It is great to go to this waterfall in summer and bathe in the natural pool that is formed. The photos in this case are also required.

O Grove


Almost everyone speaks of Sanxenxo as the quintessential vacation spot in the Rías Baixas, but the Villa de O Grove has nothing to envy. A quieter place, where we will find numerous restaurants where we can try tapas with typical products or where we can have a delicious seafood platter. Part of the A Lanzada beach belongs to this municipality where the well-known seafood festival is celebrated every year. A place to enjoy a good atmosphere and all the comforts.

River Toxa waterfall

Toxa waterfall

The waterfall of the Toxa river is a discovery in Silleda. It is in the parish of Pazos, and is considered the highest in Galicia in free fall. Not only is the waterfall itself valuable, which is really beautiful, but also the entire natural complex in which it is located, which is part of the Ulla-Deza river system. It is important to wear comfortable clothes because to access it you have to follow a path, and it is better not to leave it, because it is easy to get lost in the lush Galician forests.

Ons Island

Ons Island

Although everyone takes advantage of their stay in the Rías Baixas to visit the Cíes Islands, it may be even more useful to visit Ons Island, very close and certainly much quieter and less touristy. It has accommodation in camping or rooms, and has four hiking trails to get to know the island in detail. Melide beach is one of the largest and is nudist, but if we want to sunbathe with a swimsuit there are other options, such as Area dos Cans, which is usually the busiest, or Canexol.

Soutomaior Castle

Soutomaior Castle

This castle is found in arcade, about 120 meters above sea level and dominating the territory of the Verdugo river valley. Although its origin dates back to the 1870th century, it has undergone numerous reconstructions, and various construction techniques can be seen in it. In XNUMX the Marquises of La Vega de Armijo began to fix and beautify the castle, so today it is a must-see, especially to admire its beautiful and well-kept gardens. These gardens have paths through which to enter it, with hundreds of species of trees, especially camellias, with granaries, sculptures and a pond.

Monte Facho and Cabo Home

Mount Facho

In Galicia there are many remnants of villages that they settled long before the arrival of the Romans and that they left remains of their homes, the forts. On Mount Facho there is also the notion that villages existed since the XNUMXth century BC. From the XNUMXth century BC to the XNUMXst century BC, a town survived from which there are still remains that can be visited, the well-known forts. Votive altars or aras have also been found to venerate the god Berobreo, of which his fragmented remains remain. Another thing that can be seen in the complex is an XNUMXth century lookout that is quite well preserved.

Cabo Home

Near this mount is the famous viewpoint of the conch, a place where everyone usually takes photos. The views at Cabo Home are spectacular, with a visit to the lighthouses, especially the small lighthouse that stands out for its red color.

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    Galicia is an incredible place, wild and beautiful at the same time ... one of those strongholds that, despite time, endure in tradition. Mandatory destination.