Survival kit on your trip, what you can not miss

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At last came that vacation that you wanted so much and deserve so much. The trip that you have been planning for months is going to come true and that fills you with joy but also generates certain doubts, especially when it comes to packing your luggage and choosing your survival kit. A kit with everything you cannot miss for a calm and pleasant experience in your dream destination.


How many times have you not known which adapter to put in the suitcase or have you taken the wrong one? Given the large number of outlets there are, it is not surprising that they have been more than once. Luckily now you can buy a multi-adapter valid for 150 countries. It also comes equipped with a dual USB charger for mobile, tablet and camera.

Portable Charger

Speaking of plugs, what if you're running out of battery but there aren't any nearby? Relax, with a portable charger you can continue taking photos with your mobile or update your social networks during the trip. These types of chargers are perfect for their size to include in the emergency kit and take it camping, to the beach or anywhere where there is no access to electricity.


An essential in any emergency kit. It is always advisable to carry a small first-aid kit to deal with the most common ailments that can arise on a trip such as headaches, stomach pain, joint pain or to combat any poisoning. Nor can you miss essential first aid items to treat minor accidents such as gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide or plasters.

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Antibacterial gel

The schedule of a trip involves going from one place to another sometimes without having the opportunity to wash your hands. That is why it is very important to include an antibacterial gel in the emergency kit that allows us to maintain certain hygiene standards., especially in those destinations where it is not easy to find soap and water to wash up.

Wet wipes are another alternative that you cannot miss, because in the event of an accident they will serve to wash sticky hands and even to dry the sweat.

Mosquito repellent

A basic of any emergency kit is mosquito repellent if you are going to spend the holidays in a tropical destination. Keep mosquitoes at bay because depending on their voracity and the reaction of your body they can leave very uncomfortable marks and welts.

Swiss knife

If you go hiking in the mountains, surely a good Swiss army knife will get you out of trouble in many situations: from lighting a bonfire to opening a bottle or cutting pieces of wood. There are models with more or less accessories.

If you want to carry it in your hand luggage, remember that the regulations depend on each country. For example, in the United States the Transportation Security Administration prohibits any type of pocket knife or knives while in the United Kingdom they allow a blade that does not exceed 15 centimeters in carry-on luggage.

Lifestraw water filter

It is a great idea to include in your emergency kit a water filter such as Lifestraw that eliminates 99,9% of bacteria from the water, so that it turns any type of water into drinkable. It even kills the E.coli bacteria. With a single straw you can treat 1.000 liters of water. Maybe in a tourist complex it is not very useful but it is if you go on your own on your trip.

Copy of documents

When you are going to travel it is important that you send to your e-mail a copy of the flight reservations, hotel reservations, insurance phone numbers and a copy of your passport or identity document that in case of being lost or stolen, the information stored in the mail could be quickly accessed.

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