Tourism in Tel Aviv

On the Mediterranean coast of Israel is the city of Tel Aviv, the second most populated in the country. Since 2003 is World Heritage And although the political situation is not the most attractive for tourism in Israel, the truth is that this does not prevent thousands of tourists from arriving every year to see it.

And beyond Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is a city that deserves to be visited. That is why here we leave some practical information about what to do and what to visit in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv

It was founded at the beginning of the XNUMXth century and the translation of its name from the Hebrew is spring hill. For a time it was the capital, provisionally, and was even bombed by Egypt and Iraq in the last Gulf War. It is not far from Jerusalem, just 60 kilometers just 90 from Haifa. It has warm summers and cool winters.

As I said above It is a World Heritage Site as it contains a very interesting group of Bauhaus architecture buildings. There are buildings like this all over the world but nowhere are there as many as in Tel Aviv, where the style proliferated in the 30s with the arrival of Jews who emigrated from Germany to escape the birth of the Nazis.

What to visit in Tel Aviv

There are five neighborhoods in the city: the so-called White City, Jaffa, Floretin, Neve Tzedek and the beach. The White City is the sector that is World Heritage and you find it between Allenby Street and Begin and Ibn Gvirol streets, the Yarkon River and the Mediterranean Sea. All the buildings are white, of course, and have been restored over time.

You must stroll along Rothschild Boulevard, with its picturesque kiosks in the center and its cool cafes and shops. Also along Sheinkin Street, which is the symbol of Tel Aviv, with its vintage shops, jewelers and cafes. It is an essential neighborhood.

Jaffa is south of Tel Aviv and is the old port that through time has grown. It is charming for its old air, for its flea market, its streets and that undisputed mixture of Jewish and Arab cultures. The port is also a good place with its little boats and its restaurants and cafes and its market and the views in the distance of Tel Aviv.

Floretin It is also to the south and it would be something like Soho in Tel Aviv. It is an old neighborhood that, although it has changed over time, it has not changed much so it is special. It is a poorer part and a must if you want to see contrasts. You can walk through the Levinsky Market, with its Greek, Turkish and Romanian products, and if you spend the night there are cheap bars and people from the center usually come.

Neve tzedek is also one of the oldest districts of Tel Aviv but at the same time it has become very fashionable and has been quite restored. It dates from the late XNUMXth century and was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa. It has narrow streets, lots of oriental architecture, galleries, boutiques, designer shops and restaurants with shady patios where it is worth stopping for a drink.

Finally, there is the tel aviv beach which is pressed for miles against the west coast of the city. It is one of the longest Mediterranean beaches and in summer it is especially crowded with tourists and locals who come to take advantage of its warm waters. Being so extensive there is room for everyone. Even the beach of the Hilton Hotel is known for being the gay beach par excellence and Gordon-Frishman beach is the fashionable meeting point. There is also Banana Beach, the Dolphinarium and Alma Beach.

24 hours in Tel Aviv

Are you in Jerusalem and want to make a getaway to Tel Aviv? So you have to schedule yourself a bit, get out early and take advantage. If you go in summer you are going to spend a couple of hours on the beach so you can start in Jaffa to enjoy the port, have breakfast by the sea and take a walk. Neve Tzedek is next door so you can add it to the tour and have lunch there.

In the afternoon you can choose between enjoying the beach or going to visit one of the many museums that Tel Aviv has: the Museum of the Jewish People, the Museum of the Land of Israel, basically an archaeological museum, the Bauhaus museum (Note that it is only open two days a week, Wednesday and Friday) ,, the Tel Aviv History Museum, the Azrieli Observatory from which you can see the city and 50 kilometers of coastline, it is free, too! and another handful of museums dedicated to important personalities or the arts.

And at night the city has a great nightlife that lasts all morning. You can go to dinner and then go out to dance or to a bar since these places only fill up at midnight.

Tel Aviv getaways

If you are going to stay one night in Tel Aviv then you can take advantage of the second day to do day trips, getaways. Masada for me it is the first excursion not to be missed. If you are over 40, you may remember a Hollywood classic called Masada.

This is the name of the ruins of a fortress and palaces in the desert, on a mountain, which resisted the attack of the Romans for a long time, eventually succumbed and its survivors committed mass suicide, for which they are considered martyrs. It is also World Heritage.


You can visit Masada and do a Dead Sea tour at the same time, for example. You can also add the visit to Ein Gedi oasis, go hiking and hang out on a private Dead Sea beach. Or even, visit Petra, in neighboring Jordan. Although of course, this includes a plane trip. You can too visit Caesaea and Galilee, if you are interested in the latter case the history of the Bible because the tour includes a visit to Nazareth.

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