What Thanksgiving is like and where to enjoy a banquet in Madrid

Thanksgiving dinner

About five years ago, the popular American Black Friday landed in Spain, an important commercial campaign based on succulent discounts with a view to Christmas that takes place after the no less famous Thanksgiving. Just as Halloween or Black Friday have taken root in our country, for the moment Thanksgiving is resisting, although it must not be ruled out that in a couple of years we will all end up assimilating this party as our own, as it already happened with the aforementioned. Especially because of the beautiful message that Thanksgiving brings and because we are orphans of a holiday like this during November.

Thanksgiving was celebrated on November 24th. If you did not get ready and you would like to celebrate next year with your friends, Below we explain all the details of this party, its precedents in history and where to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving menu in the heart of Madrid. In case stuffing the turkey and preparing cranberry sauce is not your thing.

What is Thanksgiving?

It is a festival of Christian tradition originating in the United States in which God is thanked for the fortunate people, things or events that we have in our lives. On the night of November 24, entire families gather around a table to taste the traditional roasted stuffed turkey and the typical pumpkin pie, among other delicacies.

How did Thanksgiving start and what is its evolution?

According to the chronicles, it was the year 1620 when a group of European settlers settled in Massachusetts after crossing the Atlantic in search of a better life. They went through many hardships until, after a very harsh winter, they managed to bring their crops to fruition thanks to the collaboration of the native Wampanoag, who helped them grow corn, squash or barley. The settlers, tremendously grateful, prepared a great party to give thanks to God. 
From that moment, Thanksgiving was taking center stage until in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln instituted a national Thanksgiving day in a letter that established the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving and worship of God.
Today, American families sit around television to watch the annual turkey pardon ceremony broadcast from the White House as well as the president's speech. However, the main event of the Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday to Sunday) is Thursday dinner whose main dish is stuffed turkey, which is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes or squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots or ears of corn. For dessert it is typical to eat a piece of pumpkin pie.
The following day Black Friday is celebrated, with sales in almost all establishments, a "party" that has been exported with great force to Europe and that marks the beginning of the Christmas period.

And what about Spanish Thanksgiving?

It is well known that the presence of the Spanish Empire in North America dates back to the beginning of the 56th century, so that of Massachusetts would not be the first hill established in that place but that of San Agustín de la Florida, founded by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés XNUMX years earlier.
After more than half a century preventing any other European nation from permanently settling on the American continent, a group of French Huguenots succeeded in Florida, over present-day Jacksonville, what was once known as Fort Caroline.
The Kings of Spain considered that the entire continent belonged to them by right and any incursion was considered piracy. So with 50 men and his native Saturiwa allies, he took the settlement and dismantled it.
One month after the founding of San Agustín, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés held a meal very similar to that of Massachusetts in honor of his Saturiwa allies to give thanks for their help and for the victory to God. Only he did it 56 years before the events that occurred in the current American state.
However, in both cases it was a meeting between very different civilizations to thank God that they were still alive despite the difficult circumstances in which they had to live.

Where to taste a Thanksgiving dinner in Madrid?


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The traditional thing would be to celebrate it at home and cook for friends and family who accompany us on that day but if you are not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​spending the evening in the kitchen or you prefer to go out to dinner and have a drink later, In Madrid there are many restaurants where you can enjoy a good turkey feast at prices to suit all budgets.

Cornucopia (Navas de Tolosa Street 9)

This restaurant in the heart of Madrid was one of the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in Madrid more than 20 years ago and they still continue with the tradition. They serve a complete menu for 46 euros in the same place and also to take home.

Unbox (Paseo de la Habana 84)

Chef Iván Sáez prepares a delicious Thanksgiving menu for 32 euros that includes: tuber chips with pepper ketchup, candied pumpkin with fresh cheese, pine nuts and their cream, stuffed mushrooms covered with Iberian bacon, roast turkey, mashed potatoes , green beans and cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie with blackberry sauce and honey ice cream.

The Mendrugo (Colmenares Street 5)

In this charming restaurant located in the heart of the Chueca neighborhood you will find a menu for 17,50 euros based on roast turkey accompanied by winter compote and rustic parmentier.

Taxi to Manhattan (Basilica Street 17)

From Thursday, November 24 to Sunday, they offer a delicious Thanksgiving menu for 27 euros where the main dish is the traditional turkey accompanied by pumpkin cream and dessert.

Rubaiyat (Juan Ramón Jiménez Street 37)

As every year, this Brazilian restaurant specialized in meat will offer a traditional menu with cream of corn and vanilla, turkey desserts and a drink for 55 euros.

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