The 10 best destinations of 2016 according to Lonely Planet (II)

Best Destinations of 2016 Uluru

If the other day we told you the top five 2016 destinations according to Lonely PlanetToday it is the turn of the other five that we were missing. And what we like the most about this list is that it has tourism for all tastes, from urban places with a lot of history to vibrant cities, jungle countries or very cold climates. Come on, we don't stay in the usual tropical destinations.

These Lonely Planet guides They are the most used by travelers, and they have given their opinions so that these destinations are chosen as the best for this year. We believe that although they do a ranking, each country has its special charm, that none is better than another, and in fact, I prefer number six, with which we started this second installment, as my absolute favorite. What is yours?


Best destinations of 2016 Australia

La Sydney Opera House, koalas and kangaroos, Australian outback with Uluru rock, play a didgeridoo. All of these are things that I would like to see or do, because Australia is a totally different place, it even has a special fauna, and the Aboriginal people, because it has been isolated from the rest of the world for many centuries. As you well know, it was used as a place to take prisoners during the time of the colonizations, but today it is a place full of cultures that meet, and many interesting things.

There are many essentials if we travel to Australia, and one of them is to visit Sydney to see the Opera and the bay, visit The Rocks neighborhood, or bathing at the famous Bondi Beach. The natural areas that can be visited would take us a month, but there are some special ones, such as the Great Barrier Reef in the Queensland area, or heading to the Red Center, in the northern territory, to see the famous landscape with the Uluru rock. . There are also natural parks, such as Kakadu or Namadgi, full of nature at its best.


Best Destinations 2016 Warsaw

Poland is another European destination for 2016, and it also gives off that European charm from cities with a lot of history. To visit Warsaw, the capital, is a must, and it is here where we find a city completely rebuilt after World War II, but in which they have managed to preserve all the style it had. It is a cultural capital in which there are many theaters and museums, such as the Grand Opera House, and it is also a place where important cultural events are held, such as the International Jazz Meeting. Other visits can be the Palace of the Island or the Palace of Belvedere. Also an interesting place is Krakow, the old capital, with an old town declared a protected site of Universal History. Here we find the largest medieval market in Europe, or the Wierzynek restaurant, the oldest in Europe that is still active.


Best destinations 2016 Uruguay

It is the only place in South America that has been included in the list, and it is a politically stable country that also has good prosperity, security and the hospitality of its people. Montevideo is its capital, on the coast, and has places such as the Plaza de la Independencia or the Palacio Salvo. It also has a beach, that of Pocitos, to enjoy a little sun. On Punta del Este you will find the most exclusive spa and luxurious of the country. And to take a trip back in time, you have to visit Colonia del Sacramento, with a Historic Quarter that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Best destinations 2016 Greenland

For those who are not afraid of being cold, this is the ideal destination, belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. There are many things to do in Greenland, including see the famous northern lights, which are found all over the country, or sail through the Icefjord, a glacier that empties into the Ilullisat region, where you can take a boat to see those large blocks of ice. You can also visit Nuuk, the capital, where there is a museum with Greenlandic art where we can learn something about the history of the place. Hiking is also very popular, as the roads are scarce and the natural spaces too beautiful to be missed.


Best destinations 2016 Fiji islands

This is one of the exotic paradises and destinations that we can find on this list. In Fiji there are up to 333 islands that can be seen, although only a few are the most famous. The main is Viti Levu, and in it, in addition to beaches with palm trees, there are small cities with museums and activity. In it we can also enjoy organized excursions, with climbing or hiking through the jungle. On the other hand, you have the Yasawa group of islands of volcanic origin. They have white beaches and lakes in shades of turquoise. Among them is the Island of the Turtles, where some scenes of 'El Lago azul' were filmed.

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