The 5 most dangerous countries to travel alone


Although the first time usually gives some respect, traveling alone is one of those experiences that you have to live once in your life, at least. An experience that will allow you to get to know yourself better as well as incredible people, choosing your own path without having to explain or persuade others to do an activity. In short, doing and undoing at will.

However, you always have to be careful when choosing between one destination and another when you are going to travel alone. Especially women, since there are countries that do not respect the female sex to the same extent that western countries do. This does not mean that women cannot visit these places, but it is true that traveling alone there becomes more dangerous because religious customs and doctrines can be very strict with respect to women.

Here is a review of the most dangerous countries in the world to travel alone according to Solo Female Travelers.


The African country is at the top of the list. Many women surveyed noted that Egyptian men can be quite aggressive towards unaccompanied women. For this reason, it is essential to respect the traditions of the country and its dress code to go unnoticed as much as possible. It is even important to avoid eye contact with strangers as it can be interpreted as flirtatiousness that can lead to unpleasant confusion.

Also, neighborhoods like Zamalek in Cairo are recommended to stay and the use of Uber instead of taxi to get around the city.



In recent years the Alahuita country has undergone some evolution but in social and equality matters it continues to be a tremendously conservative country. Correct compliance with the dress code is very important for women who travel alone as well as always walking through illuminated places and with people when it gets dark.

Moroccan souks are very famous and can be quite an experience but when women must be prepared to avoid certain insinuations or compliments since men can be very insistent. In this case, it is best to ignore them, not attract attention and learn a few phrases in French or Moroccan to communicate better.


Jamaica is an exotic destination blessed by Mother Nature. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Caribbean, but most of the women surveyed described the country as a place full of violence, especially in cities like Kingston or Montego Bay. In fact, the State Department constantly warns that violent crime is a serious problem in Jamaica that affects women and homosexuals to a great extent.

Resorts are very popular and safe in Jamaica but outside of them, the best idea is not to attract the attention of some people to avoid theft.

The India

Taj Mahal in profile

This country is one of the favorite destinations of many people to travel alone, but Solo Female Travelers warn of the risks of traveling alone to India, where sexual assaults are an epidemic.

For this reason, they advise taking precautions such as adapting to the dress code of the area to be visited, making the most of daylight for sightseeing and avoiding the night. Regarding transport, it is recommended to use transport only for women and if it is not possible to buy a ticket of the highest class. In terms of accommodation, a perfect option for women who travel alone are the guest houses. Family businesses where the owners are obligated to take care of their clients by contract.


Inca Trail Nature

Peru is a country full of contrasts, with a rich and ancient history as well as a delicious gastronomy resulting from the fusion of different cultures. There are many reasons to visit the Andean country, but if you do it alone, you should take some precautions.

On routes through mountainous regions there are usually no problems when traveling unaccompanied, but in large towns like Lima, things are different. Muggings and sexual assaults are frequent, so it is highly advisable to move by transport rather than walk down the street alone.

When taking a means of transport, it is recommended to use Uber or call a taxi from the hotel instead of stopping anyone on the street. You can also consider renting a seat from a private bus company instead of using public transportation.


What do you think of the list? Have you had a similar experience when you have visited some of these countries on your own or in a group? What advice would you give to someone who is traveling alone for the first time?

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  1.   Harlequin said

    I agree with India, which is where I was ... but to emphasize that not even with adequate clothing will serve you ... I think that in this country it is better to go by tourist routes and accompanied ... it is a beautiful country but extremely dangerous for women ...

  2.   Paloma said

    I have traveled to Morocco more than a dozen times and to Egypt six times and although it is true that foreigners are usually complimented, I never felt harassed, on the contrary, I had the feeling of being overprotected, perhaps for the same reason, being a foreigner.
    I remember that in a cafe where people were accommodating in the chairs that were free even though they did not know each other, I was alone and the waiter did not allow anyone and especially men to sit with me. I saw two Russian girls in the pizza hut in Taharir square with pants that literally showed their butt cheeks and yes, they looked at them but nobody said anything to them. As those I could describe dozens.
    It seems fatal to me to make such lists considering that in every country in the world you can be harassed.
    I guess those lists will also depend on the traveler.