The Ionian Sea and its islands

On vacation in Greece at some point one jumps from the mainland to the islands, and in this matter there is a lot to choose from. There are beautiful islands and among them are the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea that was formerly the main trade route between Greece and Rome.

But in addition to the history it has, today it is its beautiful islands that shine with their own light. Let us discover that we can visit, see and enjoy here.

The Ionian Sea

As we said above, it is considered a arm of the mediterranean and it is located south of the Adriatic Sea. To the west is Italy and to the south Albania, the islands that summon us today and mainland Greece. The Ionian Sea is linked, through the Strait of Messina, to the Terrestrial Sea and also to the Adriatic Sea through the Otranto channel.

Geographers say that in ancient times this sea was called the Sea of ​​Poros, but before it was also the Sea of ​​Crono and Rhea. Opinions about the origin of his name there are many. If we see it from above the Ionian Sea has a certain triangle shape and if we concentrate on the southern part, it is where the Mediterranean has its greatest depths, even a long and great canyon that marks the border with the African plate. From here the earthquakes in the zone.

According to the position of the islands, the Ionian Sea is geographically divided into sections that, from north to south, are the Himara Sea, the Corefu Sea, the Paxos Sea, the Tilevois Sea, the Echinades Sea, the Patras Sea. and the Sea of ​​Kythira.

The islands of the Ionian Sea

They are the pearls of this turquoise and blue sea. The islands have dramatic geographic formations and lush vegetation and divine beaches. The islands of the Ionian Sea are Corfu, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kythira, Lefkada, Paxos and Zakynthos. These are the destinations you have to choose from when considering tourism in the Ionian Sea. Which one do you choose?

Corfu it is one of the main islands, for many the most beautiful island from the country. It rains a lot so it's a green Island easily accessible from Bari, Italy, or from Venice or Ancona. So if you cross from Italy to Greece, this will surely be the first Greek land on your route. Here you have a bit of everything because while the coast has turned super tourist Inland you still find picturesque villages off the beaten track.

On the east coast, the one that faces Albania, there are coves and pebble beaches, and on the west side the landscape is no longer so smooth but sharper, cliffs and bays much more open. If you want few people then in the far northwest there are three uninhabited little islands with very nice sandy beaches.

Ithaca is the famous odysseus island. She mountainous island with lots of rock everywhere and picturesque olive fields. Has many archeological ruins, fishing villages and beaches. It has many walking paths and the capital, Vathy, is a beautiful little city. In short, Ithaca is ideal for hiking and it has small and large beaches.

Kefalonia it suffered a major earthquake in 1953 and since then many local people chose another place to live, so today its population has many Brits, Italians and Americans. Is a very large island with caves and underground lakes and nice beaches. Argostoli is its capital, shaped like an amphitheater. Here it is Fiskardo, for many one of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Greece, and the island is usually a common stopping point for the yaths. You like the movie Captain Corelli's mandolin? Well, here it was filmed.

kythira it is very popular with wealthy Athenians. It is located south of the Peloponnese and you can get there from Piraeus (port of Athens), or from Crete. In high season it is difficult to find accommodation, especially in August, but if you go out of season it is an excellent option. Usually remains off the beaten track organized by agencies so if you want to know it you should go on your own.

As well it has a lot of history since its strategic maritime location has caused merchants and conquerors to pass through it. So, you can see the XNUMXth century Byzantine frescoes in a cave or bronze idols from the Minoan civilization on top of a mountain. History and beaches, what a good combination!

Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a bridge that crosses over a canal. The most touristic village on the island is Nydri and from here you can take a boat that takes you to see the surrounding islands such as the famous Skorpio Island by Aristotle Onassis. If you don't have a night you can take a bus in Athens at terminal A with three frequencies per day. It takes about five and a half hours and the rate is around 30 euros.

Lefkada has its beaches but the islands around are better in this regard. For his part Paxos is a neighbor of Corfu but has much less tourism. It can be a destination in itself or a day trip from Corfu, as you like. It is a small island, only 13 kilometers long, to which can only be reached by boat. It has an old Venetian fort and its beaches on the east coast are pebbled, but those on the east coast are like a movie, with high cliffs and caves, around forty, which can only be reached by boat.

And finally, an island that has given the world of images one that is unforgettable: Zakynthos. On one of its beaches there is a shipwreck, the remains of a cargo ship that worried everyone at the time of running aground but that ultimately ended up making the island famous. To this we can add that on the other coast there is a conservation project for the Caretta - Caretta sea turtle. This is where they lay their eggs so it is a protected area.

The Ionian Sea is a great travel destination and these are its islands. Which ones do you choose to know?

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