The beautiful Bays of Huatulco

Mexico It has many wonderful destinations whether you like history and culture or simply enjoy nature. In terms of sun and paradisiacal beaches, it is among the best destinations in the world, so thinking about next summer ... what do you think of the Huatulco bays?

This part of the Mexican coast has many bays and the main ones are San Agustín, Riscalillo, Santa Cruz, El Órgano, Maguey, Cacaluta, Chacué, Tangolunda and Conejos. They are located along 35 kilometers of coastline and all are bathed by warm and crystalline waters. A trip to paradise. Or to nine paradises ...

The Bays of Huatulco

The bays eThey are located in the south of the state of Oaxaca on a coastline of 35 kilometers. Together they gather some 36 virgin beaches where you can sunbathe, swim or just walk. The sand is soft, the waters are warm and crystal clear and if you practice snorkeling you will see the multitude of underwater wonders that are hidden in the Coral reef most important about him Mexican Pacific. Corals, but also fish, dolphins and turtles.

The weather is always good because it is almost perfect, unless you go in the middle of summer as it is extremely hot. Afterwards the climate is super temperate and it rains very little. Another point in its favor is that it is a cheaper destination than Cancun, for example. This is because the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts are closer to Europe and the United States, thus attracting more tourism.

If you are traveling through the DF and you want to know the bays, you can either take a flight or take a long-distance bus from the North Central. The trip is 13 hours. The truth is you can either tour the nine bays or choose just a few. If you go for the second option, a classic tour touches Santa Cruz, Órgano, Maguey and Cacaluta. A tour takes you by yacht around here, you go down at some beaches, snorkel and taste fish and seafood until sunset. P

But what do we find in each of the bays ...?

Rabbit Bay

It is the first bay of the group and has two kilometers long. The beaches are white sand, they do not have much current and in general the water is warm. Four little beaches are located on this bay: Beach Punta Arena, Conejos, Arena and Tejoncito. The latter is small, its waves are low and the water is shallow. It is an intimate beach.

Playa Arena is thicker sand although it is still white and its waters are turquoise. It is a larger beach, with wild animals and more vegetation. Almost a jungle beach. Playa Conejos is very beautiful: the classic postcard of fine white sands, like fine grinding flour, and crystalline blue and green sea. Finally, Punta Arena beach is more commercial and there are neither animals nor vegetation but many food stalls.

Tangolunda Bay

Is epicenter of the tourist scene in the area. Here the shopping malls and hotels most important, private houses, apartments. Concentrates five beaches: the Ventura Beach It is with calm and emerald waters where people practice many water sports.

La Tornillo Beach It is of fine sunny sand and the Manzanillo Beach It is very big, very touristy and ideal to go with the family. The Tangolunda BeachFor its part, it is bigger than all the previous ones, it has deeper waters and sailboats and people practicing diving. The Tasty corner has raging waves.

Chahué Bay

It is usually quite visited in low season and its town is very typical of Oaxaca. Have three beaches, la Chacué, la Esperanza and Playa Tejón. The latter is ideal to start diving in the open sea at depths of between eight and twenty meters. The water, due to the sub-sea vegetation, has a strong green hue.

Esperanza Beach is medium-sized, has green vegetation and waters, although the waves are strong. Sports are usually practiced, preferably surfing. And Chahué Beach is a fairly wide beach, with white sand, with many gastronomic stalls and street vendors and waters between green and blue.

Santa Cruz Bay

Here tourism was born in the area and Its beaches are four: Santa Cruz, Yerbabuena, La Distribución and Esperanza. The first is the main beach and it is beautiful, with soft, warm white sands and turquoise water. The sea is calm and you will see slime rides, jet skis, etc. Many of the boats that cross the bays also depart from here.

The Yerbabuena beach has thousands of seashells and shells and the Delivery Beach has calm waves where tank diving is usually done.

Maguey Bay and The Organ

Shipping is two bays very close to each other and two beaches. El Órgano beach has blue waters and white sand. It does not usually have many tourists and water sports are not very strong. The beaches of Maguey Bay are quieter since they are not easy to access, through the terrain, so it is preferably reached by water and not by land.

Cacaluta Bay

It seems that its landscapes are the true paradise. It has an island that protects the coast and that is why it is a very calm swell bay. It is also an area of ​​difficult access so it can only be reached by boat leaving from Playa Santa Cruz.

La Cacaluta Beach it's deep and swell so it's great for surfing or kitesurfing. It has a rocky bottom so you have to take that into account. The Arroyo Beach It is small and the sand is quite thick so more than sand they look like roughly pounded snails. That is why shoes are a must here.

Chachacual Bay

This bay It is one of the calmest of the set because it doesn't have many visitors. The thing is you can only get there by water so that limits access. In addition, it forms an art of the Ecological Reserve of Oaxaca. The boat that leaves you here also leaves from Santa Cruz beach.

The bay beach has many waves and it is very rough, which for many is super advantageous because there are no children crying or people selling things. Another of its beaches is La India, which is much quieter and with lots of vegetation.

Riscalillo Bay

Owns a single beach of fine white sand. You get into the water and you can walk quite a bit on your feet because it is not very deep. If you like to watch great times.

San Agustin Bay

It is the last of the nine bays of Huatulco and is the owner of the beautiful coral reefs off the coast of Mexico on the Pacific. Thats why he snorkeling and diving are the order of the day. It has two beaches, San Agustín is the one with white reefs and Cacalutilla allows diving and swimming.

So far the nine bays of Huatulco. If you are going to visit them all, it is not cheap, not even signing up for a tour that takes you through all of them, but there are other offers that only touch seven of the nine and include food. The tours are on yachts, big boats that can carry a hundred people, so if you don't like crowds… get away! Of course, they are with an open bar so I don't know if it's worse or better ...

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