The best beaches for dogs in the Spanish Mediterranean

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Dogs do not usually like to sunbathe until they are tanned but they do love to dive into the sea. However, although our mascot has a beachy spirit, there are laws that restrict its presence in them for the sake of public health and the safety of other bathers.

In the last times, the petfriendly movement works to get public bodies to delimit certain areas on the beaches so that dogs can roam freely, at times when the public is less crowded. Many of these agencies have already given permits on certain beaches on the coast.

If you plan to enjoy the sea in the next few days and would like to do it in the company of your dog You cannot miss the following guide to Spanish Mediterranean beaches that allow dogs.


  1. Barcelona: Due to the shortage of dog-friendly areas on the beaches of Barcelona, the city council opened this year a wide area of ​​Levant Beach for use by pets. Until September 25, this space of about 1.250 square meters and delimited with a wooden perimeter fence will have two environmental informants who will carry out monitoring tasks, information to users and distribute excrement collection bags.
  2. Gerona: Playa de la Rubina was the first official beach for dogs in SpainIt is surrounded by dunes and access for dogs has no time restrictions. It is located in Castellón de Ampurias south of Roses and very close to the Cap de Creus Natural Park. It is part of the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls del Empordá.
  3. Tarragona: Playa de la Platjola is located in the municipality of Alcanar and admits the presence of dogs during the summer. It is a beach classified as virgin, due to its environmental and ecological value, which has daily cleaning service in summer. However, in the city of Tarragona, owners can take their pets to the beaches between October 16 and March 31, respecting coexistence and hygiene. On the other hand, between April 1 and October 15, their presence on the beach is prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs.

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Valencian Community

  1. Castellón: In the Castellón town of Vinarós we will find the Aiguaoliva beach, a cove of boulders, sand and gravel conditioned for dogs. Although it is true that there are no specific rules for the use of this beach in the company of pets, the basic rules of coexistence must be respected.
  2. Valencia: In Gandía there is a beach that has become a benchmark in Spain, since in it dogs and humans coexist in harmony. It is the Playa de L'Ahuir. Here the owners can ask for poles to tie the dog; they also have a biodegradable bag dispenser for organic waste.
  3. Alicante: Its name is Caleta dels Gossets and it is located near Cape Santa Pola, a special protection area of ​​great environmental value. It was inaugurated on May 1, 2016.


Murcia: It is in a semi-urban environment, between the Castellar beach and the mouth of the Rambla de las Moreras, in Mazarrón. It is known as Playa de las Moreras and has thick, golden sand.

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Málaga: Arroyo Totalón Beach is located between the municipalities of Malaga and Cala del Moral, near a cement plant. The beach is located next to the mouth of Arroyo Totalán, in the La Araña neighborhood of Malaga. Its waters are not suitable for bathing.

Balearic Islands

  1. Majorca: Playa na Patana is located 14 kilometers from Santa Margalida. It is a virgin beach with a pine forest behind it that is made up of sand and rock and the water is shallow.
  2. Minorca: Cala Escorxada is a cove of fine sand and turquoise waters with few people due to its difficult access, since it cannot be reached by car. The best way to do it is to leave the car in Cala Binigaus and walk.
  3. Ibiza: On the island we can find two small coves in Santa Eulària del Riu where you can enjoy a beach day in the company of our pets provided that the rules of coexistence are respected.

Basic rules of coexistence on pet beaches

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  • The owners will be obliged to immediately collect the excrement.
  • The entry of dogs can be limited to a certain number of dogs per person.
  • The so-called dangerous breeds must always wear a muzzle and a leash.
  • The owner of the dog must carry the animal's passport, the vaccination record, the identification and all those mandatory documents that are indicated in the municipal ordinances.
  • Dogs with infectious diseases, females in heat and puppies are prohibited from accessing the beach until they have their vaccinations.
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