The best beaches in Azores

Azores beach El archipelago of the Azores, belonging to PortugalIt is a dream place, a vacation destination that always surprises. It is a group of nine Portuguese islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, forming part of what is known as Macaronesia. Sud main islands are Sâo Miguel and Terceira, although you can also enjoy a good getaway in the others. Graciosa, Pico or Faial are some of its islands.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. Azores we will find kilometers of coast to be able to enjoy its best beaches. Tourists flock to these islands for many reasons, but above all because their landscapes are reputed to be spectacular. There are hiking trails, landscapes full of greenery, cities and towns with a lot of history and of course its beaches, on which we are going to focus.

Mosteiros Beach (Sâo Miguel)

This beach is located in the northwest of the island. As the origin of the islands is volcanic, it is normal that we find many beaches with dark sand. Is beach stands out because on the horizon you can see several islets known as the Mosteiros rocks, which add a certain charm to the landscape. These volcanic monoliths that emerge from the sea have capricious shapes, molded by the action of water and wind. This beach has beautiful landscapes and clear waters, as well as having some services such as parking.

Formosa Beach (Santa Maria)

On the island of Santa María we can find some different beaches from those that are usually seen throughout the Azores archipelago, which usually have dark sand and have air and waves. But in Santa María we have beaches like Formosa, which has golden sand and it usually has a nice breeze, which makes it very attractive. It is not a very wide beach, but its strip of sand is enough to be able to spend a good day at the beach bathing in its clean and crystalline waters. If we want to be able to see the beach in its entirety we can go up to the Miradouro da Macela. Hiking excursions are common on the island to admire the amazing landscapes.

Santa Bárbara Beach (Sâo Miguel)

This beach is located in the north-central area of ​​the volcanic island. It is specifically in the Ribeira Seca town and it is a one kilometer sandy area. There are no very long beaches on this island, so this is one of the largest. In it, as in many other of the islands, there are perfect conditions for the practice of sports such as surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, hence many athletes who choose it to enjoy their favorite sports. It is a popular beach on the island, so it also has many services such as a playground, bars or bathrooms. So the whole family can enjoy an ideal beach day in which everyone can have a good time.

Porto Pim Beach (Faial)

This beach is a white sand beach, something unusual in the islands. It is located next to the fishing village and although it is not very big the environment makes it a cozy and very beautiful place. A perfect place to snorkel, since we can see many fish.

Caloura Beach (Sâo Miguel)

Caloura is the name of a small fishing village on the island. This island of the Azores and many others have excellent natural pools formed in the volcanic rock that creates amazing and unique beaches. This is one of those special attractions that brings people to the island every year. We have a small beach with blue waters for bathing and near the shore there is a wonderful natural pool that is ideal for bathing. One of those beaches that stand out for their peculiarity.

Silveira Beach (Terceira)

This is one of the main islands, so there is no shortage of places to bathe. This beach is located near Angra do Heroismo. It is not properly a natural beach, but a concrete tongue that juts out into the water and offers a place for bathers. As the surrounding areas are rocky, this is the most popular place for bathing.

Fajâ da Caldeira de Santo Cristo beach (Sâo Jorge)

To understand what this beach is like, we must know what they mean by the word fajâ. This word comes to describe those plains that form on the coast over the centuries by the displacement of lava, giving rise to small volcanic lakes that are surrounded by vegetation and swamps. From a high point you can see that it is an extension of the slopes of the volcanoes. This island has many strips and this is one of the most beautiful. To get to it, you have to go through the Natural Reserve on a hiking route to reach the beach area, where we will see some surf houses to start or practice this sport. There is also a beach of dark stones and rocks and the beautiful ocean.

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