The best beaches of the Black Sea in Romania


beaches black sea romania

Has it occurred to you to spend your summer vacation in Romania? This country in Europe has a beautiful coastline on the Black Sea studded with beautiful resorts, warm climate, miles and miles of beaches, vineyards and old and picturesque towns to visit.

The best beaches in Romania are those that are located between mangalore a Mamaia, is where the hotels, the gastronomy offer and the most tourist structure are concentrated. I invite you to discover these great beaches and choose them for your vacations.

The Romanian Black Sea coast  beaches black sea romania

The Black Sea coast It has been known for centuries as a destination to treat or cure diseases of the bones and skin, rheumatism, arthritis or nervous problems, for example. So over time many of these resorts have been organized around the wellness tourism or medicinal.

That has survived to this day so spas are not lacking They offer mud baths that are taken directly from some saline lakes in the area and that have achieved world fame.

On the other hand, people who spend their holidays on the coast can and usually take small trips to the interior to get to know it and discover other wonders: the old monasteries of Bucovina, Bucharest or the Danube delta, for example.

Then, the best known resorts are scattered along almost 300 kilometers of coastline and among them are the famous Mamaia, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Olympus or Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Cap Aurora, Costinesti, Vama Veche, among others.

Mamaia, the most popular

mamaia beach in romania

It is the largest and most popular resort on the Romanian coast. It is seven kilometers long and between 100 and 250 meters wide. Beyond the sand are the elegant hotels overlooking the sea.

The summer season lasts from the beginning of May to September and outside of the holiday season there is hardly anyone. It is situated between the Black Sea and the Lake siutghiol and for these dates the temperature is around the pleasant 30 ºC.

mamaia in romania

Although the hotels are four and five stars you can find cheaper accommodation or go camping, but obviously, not the cheapest destination of all.

Eforie North

eforie beach romania

It is a spa resort, much calmer than Mamaia. It is located between the Black Sea and Lake Techirghiol, a few meters above sea level. It is a very popular destination throughout the year and aims more at family tourism since its beaches are of calm waters.

eforie in romania

The first 'sanatorium' dates back to the late XNUMXth century and people keep coming for some illnesses so they live off the wellness tourism. You can take advantage of their sauna treatments, mud baths, stress-reducing exercise therapies, and that sort of thing.

Eforie Sud

southern eforie in romania

It is five kilometers from Eforie Nord and 19 kilometers from Constanta. It is a popular resort since 1912 but then her name was Carmen Sylva. It's even quieter that its older sister and its narrow streets all flow into the sea.

This spa is at a higher altitude than the rest of the Romanian resorts since the cliff on which it is located is higher, it is about 35 meters. Although it is quieter, it does not mean that there is no tourist life.

romania eforie beach

The best destination is beach splendid, a beauty with bars, umbrellas, tables and loungers to enjoy the day. Finally, beauty treatments with mud from Lake Techirghiol are also offered here.


neptune beach romania

This seaside resort is 38 kilometers from Constanta, right on the edge of a forest so it is a greener destination than the rest.

It has twenty hotels and there is a great variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and terraces that tourists occupy especially. These tourists are both young and old with family since there are water sports, open air cinema, theater shows and an amusement park.


best beaches romania

It is a spa very close to Neptune so practically they make up one. If we take it separately is smaller but also very popular in summer.

It was even more popular in times of communism and it was also very expensive. Only the people invited by the then president, Ceausescu, stepped on it.


beaches black sea romania

The beach is only a kilometer long and rests on a bay broken into bays and dams. If you are looking for a small and very quiet place this is the best as it is the smallest resorts in all of Romania.

There are enough restaurants, clubs and bars to have fun without making noise.


venus beach in romania

Not the hottest destination in the summer and it is located right between Jupiter and Saturn. Due to its location so far east there is about twelve hours of sunshine a day so it's great.

Its tranquility, its fair offer of entertainment and gastronomy and the offer of water sports and spa that it has make it a spa that attracts bigger people.


saturn beach romania

The sea breeze refreshes in the summer season and reaches its two-kilometer-long beach surrounded by hotels and hostels. It also has two tourist villas, the Delta and the Danube, with luxury houses and their own entertainment offer, and we also find spas within some hotels.

Saturno is a very beautiful coastal town, with many flowers in its streets and with more accessible prices than its neighbors.


mangalia beach romania

It is 45 kilometers from Constanta and its beach is decorated with a high cliff. It is not a town, it is a city famous for its health centers who are specialists when it comes to treating diseases and disorders of the skin and body.


It has historical attractions as it stands in the same place where the Callatis Fortress from the XNUMXth century was built (today it has a restaurant on the ground floor that is highly recommended), many cultural activities, of literature, of acting, and in summer many hours of sun.

It is not a very hot place, calculate that in summer it is not more than 25ºCSo if you don't like heat waves, this is a great destination. In fact, all the beaches of the Black Sea in Romania are like that, with lots of sun but not hot at all.

You cost  costinesti romania

If you are a bit of a hippie or want something more relaxed then this is the best resort of all because target young people. It is 31 kilometers from Constanta and its beach is 800 meters long, although it is quite narrow because its width is between 10 and 15 meters.

There are usually many students, the prices are low, there are many small hotels, tourist rental houses and camps. It even has a small lake, very, very salty and muddy that is used to treat rheumatism.

costinesti coast

As you can see there are many summer destinations on the Black Sea coast in Romania, one for every taste and for every tourist: luxury, quiet, hippies, for families with children and for those over 60 years old.

This is a sample of some of its best known beaches but they are not the only ones. Other beaches are Corbu, Vadu, more unspoilt beaches, the quiet Mai, Vama Veche, Cap Aurora and the list goes on. You must choose your destination, but as you see Romania has a very large summer offer.

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