The best cities to visit for a weekend

Cities to visit for a weekend

Who loves to travel, make a escape from time to time it becomes terribly necessary, especially if what you want is to break with the routine. There are many people who for these traveling getaways await either those magnificent bridges of 3 and 4 days like the one we have just passed for the national holiday, or they are on their vacations divided into two or three times a year when they take the opportunity to leave. somewhere pending.

There are also, the least, that take advantage of the weekends (even if it's only two nights and 3 days), to escape somewhere nearby, in which the journey does not mean a big waste of time and they can have a good place to stay while being close to the most interesting and tourist attractions of each city or town.

If you are one of the latter, if you take advantage of many weekends a year to escape by yourself, with your partner, your family, friends, to some beautiful place, this article is designed exclusively for you. We present you the best cities to visit for a weekend. If any of them take you close or relatively close to travel on a weekend and give you time to visit the most beautiful of the site, do not hesitate. Take a suitcase and a car and head to your new destination!


Who has not wanted to travel to the Spanish capital on some occasion? If you have Madrid as a pending city on your list of possible trips, we recommend you visit it on a weekend. Logically, you will not see everything of it, but it is more than enough time to enjoy the best of the city: its central bars, their tapas, its great artistic and cultural offer, its people, the Retiro Park, its great commercial offer, its neighborhoods, etc.

Madrid is a good city to visit on weekends, it has very good hotel offer close to the most touristic and visited sites and autumn is one of the best times to do it.


If, on the other hand, Barcelona, ​​the city of Barcelona, ​​catches you closer, we also obviously recommend it. If you want to enjoy both mountain and beach landscapes, if you want to breathe the Catalan atmosphere at night in its pubs and clubs, if you want to enjoy a great architecture with Gaudí and Miró Among other greats, Barcelona should be on your list.

Like Madrid, being a fairly large city, there are countless cultural and artistic possibilities that you can attend whatever the weekend you go, there is always movement! You'll love it!


A beautiful city to visit at any time of the year, but especially now in autumn or spring. In Amsterdam you will love its picturesque canals, its bicycles always from here to there (it is the most common means of transport in the city), its bridges, its beer, ...

If you still don't know the city ​​of bicycles We recommend doing it on a weekend or on a 3 or 4 day long weekend.


La city ​​of love it could never be missing from this list of weekend trips. If you are thinking of giving your partner a surprise and you know for a fact that Paris is among her 5 favorite trips and that she has not visited her yet, what better time to go with her than on a romantic weekend that breaks with the such a boring day-to-day routine? The city of Paris will welcome you pleasantly, you will have a good musical offer in it, you will be able to enjoy a delicious coffee accompanied by some exquisite sweets and of course, a photo in the Torre Eiffel Souvenir is almost a must.

A very suitable trip for any time of the year and to do with the love of your life.


La capital of United Kingdom it could not be missing from this list either. Although unfortunately, lately it is more known for its jihadist attacks, it is still a fairly safe city and has a very good cultural and exhibition offer. London is the ideal city if you want to visit it on a walk and you will be pleasantly surprised especially in December, when the lights at Christmas illuminate its streets.

And you, to which of these cities would you escape for a weekend?

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