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The coast of Spain has beaches of fine sand and calm waters, but it also has cliffs with vertiginous walls that take your breath away. From one place to another, we travel the geography of the country to see the most amazing cliffs of our seas.

Vixia Herbeira

Of the Vixía Herbeira cliffs, located in La Coruña, it is said that they are the highest in Europe although others indicate that they are on a par with those of Norway and Ireland. Its highest edge is 620 meters high and the Vixía de Herbeira stands out, a sentry box from which the corsairs of the seventeenth century roamed this area of ​​the Galician coast that leads from the Ortigueira estuary to that of Cedeira.

The smell of the sea, the force of the wind and the waves crashing against the bright green coast are more than enough reasons to get closer to Vixía Herbeira.


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One of the most spectacular landscapes in Andalusia is the one that makes up the Barbate cliff, with its more than 90 meters of unevenness at some points and its 4 kilometers in length. It is the most important cliff in the province that is arranged in the shape of a concave arch between the beaches of Caños de Meca and La Yerbabuena. Along with that of Maro-Cerro Gordo, the largest in the province of Cadiz.

Of great scenic interest is the stretch of coast that runs from Cape Trafagalgar to Cabo Plata. A journey through this area allows you to contemplate protected areas of great ecological relevance such as the La Breña Natural Park and the Barbate Marshes, which have impressive views of their cliffs and the Torre del Tajo. In addition, these places also have great historical importance.

Lighthouse in Finisterre


In La Coruña is Cape Finisterre, declared a European heritage site in 2007. The Romans believed that this was the westernmost point in the known world and beyond that there was nothing. It is also the last point for many pilgrims to the Camino de Santiago, since it is located 90 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela.

From the Muros y Noia estuary to Finisterre, the end of the world, the coasts of A Coruña are filled with vertiginous cliffs overlooking the sea, with kilometer-long beaches where the agitated Atlantic that breaks with force against the rocks. It is the coast of Death.


Cape Formentor marks the end of the northern mountains of Mallorca. Everything is beautiful from this cliff: the Mediterranean at 232 meters high, its spectacular viewpoint from which you can see Mount Pal, the islet of Es Colomer and the beach of Formentor.

Contemplating the sea from Formentor relaxes the retina. That is why there are many who choose to go to the viewpoint sa Creueta, in front of the cape itself, or take a boat to the port of Pollensa. The sunsets from Cape Formentor leave their mark, as well as its fairytale lighthouse and the pine forests that surround it.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Located in the Biscayan town of Bermeo, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is the great attraction of the Basque coast thanks to its incomparable natural scenery. The impressive views of the Cantabrian Sea that can be had from its hermitage and cliff is one of the reasons why many tourists come to the municipality and are attracted to climb the 241 steps that there are to the summit.

In the past, this peculiar islet was a refuge for pirates and is surrounded by legends. However, today San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is known worldwide for being the setting for the popular series Game of Thrones. None other than Dragonstone, home of the Targaryens.


Diario de Navarra

In Guipúzcoa, there are eight kilometers that separate Zumaia and Deba and make up a coastline of cliffs and spectacular landscapes. These vertical strata formations rise above the sea to create a landscape worthy of photography. When the fierce Cantabrian Sea retreats from the base of the cliff, a huge abrasion platform appears that bears witness to the continuous erosion of the sea. Among them, the Flysch stands out, a whimsical formation that reveals its millions of years of existence through its rocky strata.

This area was declared a protected biotope and it is possible to visit it through the guided routes that are made by land or sea. On this route you can get to know better the hermitage of San Telmo, which stands fearlessly on the edge of the cliffs.


Image | Traveler

Taganana, on the island of Tenerife, could perfectly pass through a corner of Hawaii but the truth is that this quiet town with cliffs that seem typical of a Jurassic coast is located in Spain. Taganana is attached to laurel forests and mountains and its black sand beaches are beautiful, especially Benijo, which is steep.

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