The best playlists while traveling

Music while traveling

Who doesn't play some music or the radio directly while driving or doing sports? Who has not prepared a dozen playlists on a long-distance trip while flying by plane to your chosen destination city?

Today in Travel News, we bring you a different article, thought especially of those people who cannot live without the music, that whatever time they have free they take the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs and that any moment seems perfect to let themselves be carried away by good lyrics. If you are one of this type of person and you soon have a special trip, you will greatly appreciate this article.

Spotify Playlists

List «Getaway»

This list that begins with the famous song "Ain't no mountain high enough" It is perfect for those short-term trips in which, as its name suggests, we are going to make a quick getaway for a weekend or a bank holiday.

A total of 38 songs and a duration of 2 32 hours and minutes, with good music, songs almost all known to all, happy and that make us get into the atmosphere to spend a good weekend and a good getaway, either alone or with others.

List «On the way»

This list is designed especially for those who love the dance music. If you like this type of music, you have a long way by train or plane and you want to spend most of it listening to music, this playlist it's yours.

From the hand of artists such as DJ Tïesto, David Guetta or Alan Walker, among many others, you will have to listen to a total of 120 songs, lasting approximately 7 hours of music.

Will you keep this playlist? If dance music is not yours, read on… We have many more!

List «Globetrotters»

With the title of this 'playlist' we already have a clear idea of ​​what we can find inside. This is another good playlist by Spotify, created for travel lovers, especially those who like to walk around everything and in search of what gives meaning to the mere pleasure of traveling.

A playlist with a total of 79 songs right now and some About 6 hours of good music. You will find everything: from indie music, to folk through alternative rolls that have the curious ability to teleport us to other worlds ...

Other 'playlists'

And if you liked none of the previous three, you have access to more of them just by putting the magic word "travel" in the search engine. You will get everything: from classics of the 70 decade of to list of rock much more cane and known by almost everyone.

Spotify It can be a great box of musical surprises if you search with the right words. We encourage you to do it!

Youtube Playlists

Another good and indisputable music platform is still YouTube. In it we can find good music lists for all tastes and moments. If you put the keywords "music to travel" in the search engine, you will get everything, from those that are more conducive to road trips to those other lists that are more suitable for flying ... Enjoyment is in your decision.

Another point very in favor of YouTube is that we can also enjoy the videos, either the originals of the songs or montages made by users of the platform. We leave you with the ones that have most caught our attention.

List: «Music for road trips»

This list begins with the mythical song 'We Are Young' by Janelle Monáe ... A song that sounds familiar to all of us and that all of us at some point or other have sung or "broken" (those who do not know English perfectly).

It is a list with funny songs, the ones that make you wish that the moment of arrival arrives as soon as possible, at the same time that it makes you enjoy that journey on the road. It is a list made up of a total of 192 songs.

List: «The Best Songs to Travel 2018»

This list is somewhat more youthful, and not recommended for those who hate the reggaeton, because although there are songs of all kinds, you will also find one of these from time to time. In fact, it begins with the famous song "My people" by J Balvin and Willy William. Although good, we will always have the option of passing and looking for one that we feel like the most.

Ready to travel now? Hit play!

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