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Are you traveling to New York or is it your dream and are you on the way to realizing it? Great! New York is the best cosmopolitan city in the world and although it has competition in Asia I think that in the West it is the best.

The nightlife in New York is great and there are plenty of bars, theaters, cinemas, shopping malls and restaurants of all kinds, so you do not have to go to sleep too early here. Eating out is a great pleasure wherever you go, so list some of the best restaurants in the Times Square.

Times Square

traffic in Times Square

It's a corner of New York a bustling intersection of streets in Midtown Manhattan: the point where Seventh Avenue meets Broadway Avenue. This small area of ​​New York is made up of a few blocks and is the walk that no one can miss.

Times Square it has been called this way since 1904, used to be called Longacre Square, but the famous newspaper The New York Times that year he moved into a new building, the Times Building. One thing leads to another, and today it's called Times Square.

Write down where to eat here:

The Lambs Club


It is one of the restaurants in the city with the best interior design, elegant and glamorous. The bar is an exceptional site with red upholstered Augustine banquettes and also has a limestone fireplace dating from the 20s.


In charge of the kitchen of this Art-style restaurantDeco there is chef Geoffrey Zakarian and the menu has refined dishes like foie gras, walnut crusted lamb, pecan butter profiteroles and fine cocktails, all accompanied by live jazz whether you go on Wednesday nights or Sunday lunchtime brunch.

Of course, it is one of the most expensive. You can find it at 132 West 44th, St.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

If you're looking for eat with a good view of the city at street level, then this is a great place. It is actually a chain of restaurants from Italian food, Yankee version. In Times Square there is a three-story branch decorated in the Tuscan style.

Prices are low, portions are large And the bread and salads have no caps so it's wonderful for hungry tourists.


It accepts credit cards and is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm and from Friday to Saturday from 11 am to midnight. You can eat there or buy take away and from the website you can make a reservation. If you go on a weekend, maybe you should do it.



If Olive Garden tries to serve Italian food here we have Corean Food. BonChon is a chain with a hundred restaurants around the world.

BonChon is the place to eat spicy chicken wings, soy garlic, kimchi, and everything else that looks like it, but the specialty of the house is precisely chicken: wings, legs, thighs and the combo, to try everything.


Prices? For example, a small portion of wings (10 pieces) costs $ 11 but the combo (six wings and 95 thighs) costs $ 3. Then there are more elaborate dishes, tteokbokki for 12, takoyaki for 95 dollars, fried squid for 11 dollars, udon soup for 95 or a plate of fried rice for 7 dollars.

You find BonChon at 207 W 38th St. It opens Monday through Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Thursday closes at 11 p.m., Friday at 12 a.m., Saturday at 11 p.m. again and Sundays at 10:30 pm.

Ellen's Stardust Diner


You can't leave New York without going through a classic diner so here we have one. It's a 50s themed restaurant with good New York menu: sandwiches, hamburgers, pastrami, smoothies.

But beyond the food the waiters are the ones to see because they put on a show while they deliver the orders and the songs are very classic, it is impossible that you do not know more than one because they sound rock songs and popular movies.


They sing on stage, get off and continue to distribute the dishes. If you want something different and eat and have a little fun at the same time this is the site. It sure isn't the best food but for junk food unpretentious not too bad.



Food Mexican with many tacos in sight and some of the best in town. Quesadillas and margaritas add to the list at this Mexican bistro that has white tablecloths, Spanish tile on the walls, and a two-story room.


It has a super complete internet site where they publish the menu according to the days of the week so you can visit it before you go. They are open for lunch, dinner and brunch on weekends it starts at 11:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm.

And if you really like something you can stop by the store before you go and buy various styles of sauces and roasted chilies for between 5 and 35 dollars.



We have talked about Italian, Korean, Mexican and classic American food but we are missing some more so it is the turn of the Chinese Food. An interesting place to taste it is Hakkasan, a branch of the London restaurant that has six others around the world.

The cuisine is Cantonese and it was the first Chinese restaurant to have Michelin status. Obvious, It is not cheap but you will eat the best roasted cod with champagne sauce and Chinese honey, for example. And the decoration is clearly elegant.


It is an expensive place that serves small portions. If you still go, and you can go to enjoy brunch, be sure to ask for the dim catfish because it is the best reason to know this restaurant. It's at 311 West 43rd Street.

Shake Shack


We go from something expensive to something cheap. In the so-called Theater District is this site that serves huge burgers with lots of fries and but rather portobello burgers with cheese and onions, for vegetarians. Beer, wine and soft drinks complete a Simple, cheap and abundant menu.

It all started with a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, back in 2004, but in Times Square it is a restaurant located on 691 8th Avenue, on the southwest corner of that avenue and 44th streets.


Keep serving burgers, wine, beer, and hot dogs and open seven days a week from 11 am to midnight.

don antonio pizza


A pizza in nyc? Maybe it's as classic as a hot dog in the corner or eating a hamburger at a diner. Here you can try it in Don Antonio, at neapolitan style.

There many kinds of pizza And it is said that the homemade mozzarella and burrata that they make here, homemade, are some of the best in New York. You can also eat salads, croquettes and obviously, pasta. don-antonio in New York

So far some of the best restaurants in Times Square, but of course they are not the only ones. As you can eat food from all over the world, the truth is that the list is endless because of each option (pizzas, pastas, sushi, Mexican, Spanish, Russian and a long etcetera), there are several examples.

It also depends on whether you want to sit in a restaurant or if you want to eat on the street, in one of the many carts in this area of ​​New York that also make a meal a classic for tourists, but if you are looking for restaurants then I think Among these that I have just listed are the most popular. Do not miss them!

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    Good morning, I'll be in town for the New Year and I'd like to have dinner at a restaurant that allows me to see the ball drop at 00:00 on 1/1/2013. Planet Hollywod will be closed. What dou you recommend? Thanks!