The best viewpoints overlooking Barcelona

Viewpoints in Barcelona

The viewpoints are a beautiful place to contemplate something in the distance and at a certain height. They give us another perspective and the possibility of taking beautiful and unforgettable photographs. Whenever there is one available, you have to take advantage of it.

Luckily Barcelona has several, so let's see today the best viewpoints overlooking Barcelona.

Urquinaona Tower viewpoint

Unlimited Barcelona

The first viewpoint on our list of best viewpoints overlooking Barcelona is this modern building. It's about a rationalist style office building It was built in the '70s. It is 70 meters high and has 22 floors and is located between Plaza de Urquinaona and Calle Róger de Llúria, very close to Plaza de Cataluña, in the center.

Since March of this year, the viewpoint that is here is the first viewpoint with audio guide and entrance to the city: it is the Unlimited Barcelona. From this viewpoint in Barcelona you can enjoy 360º views, both of the sunset and the night profile of the city.

The audio guide offers explanations about the building and the city, with curious facts and architectural landmarks. While this information is for adults, children also have the option of joining a child guide.

General admission costs 12 euros per adult, the Night Experience, 24 euros and the sunset, 22 euros.

Park Güell

Park Güell

This green park is one of the most famous in Spain and in the city itself. It occupies a lot of the Tres Creus and Carmel hills and is a really beautiful site that, since 1984, is also a World Heritage Site. It bears the signature of Gaudí.

Palm trees, natural caves, stalactites, the huge square and its decorations, everything bears the undoubted signature of Antonio Gaudí so it's a terrible place and if you go up to the top (remember it's on a hill), the place becomes in a natural viewpoint with good views of Barcelona.

Eclipse Bar, Hotel W

Eclipse Bar

It is common for tall buildings or hotels in them to always have bars or restaurants that offer great views. It happens in New York and it happens here in Barcelona. This is the case of the Hotel W.

On the 26th floor of the building is the Eclipse Bar and you can go and have a drink at sunset or go dancing or attend a party, hopefully. It's not cheap, but with such views and surroundings, it's worth the investment.

Today the bar is closed for renovations, but it doesn't take long to reopen.

National Palace

Views from the National Palace

From the terrace of this imposing public building, or rather from its two terraces, the views of Barcelona are magnificent. The building is the headquarters of the National Art Museum of Catalonia, deserving of a separate visit.

Their two terraces – gazebo offer a wide view of the city, of 360 º, to enjoy and photograph its beautiful buildings and landscapes. You will be able to see the buildings of the Olympic Village, the Agbar Tower and of course, the Sagrada Familia.

these viewpoints open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.m. Its access is included in the general admission of 2 euros.

The Turó de Putxet Gardens

Turo Gardens

Once again a green and fresh place, without the pollution of buildings and cars and even better, without as much tourism as Park Güell. I'm talking about the Turó de Putxet gardens or Putxet park, on a hill 178 meters high.

This area of ​​the city served as a refuge for the families of the Barcelona bourgeoisie and was only developed as a garden in the 70s. There is a geodesic observatory, a weather station, a picnic area, a children's play area, another for dog walking, ping pong tables, bathrooms and of course, a lookout.

All surrounded by lots of vegetation, between cedars, pines, holm oaks, paradises, acacias and olive trees.

Barcelo Raval

Barcelo Raval

It is the name of a hotel, the Hotel Barceló Raval, which since its terrace offers its visitors and guests stupendous views of beautiful Barcelona. is located on the 11th floor from building C and it is a wonderful terrace to watch the sunsets with a drink in hand.

The terrace – gazebo open all year but you can take advantage of Sunday mornings to go and enjoy the brunch served by the hotel, with a live DJ. Breakfast is actually served downstairs, in the BLounge, but when you're done you can go up to the terrace to relax and digest.

And of course, at night it is also possible to enjoy the terrace. Hours are 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. The address is in the Rambla del Raval, 17-21.

Turó de la Rovira viewpoint

Barcelona viewpoint

During the Spanish Civil War this site was a natural and privileged viewpoint. Have 262 meters of altitude and a generous 360º vision. The site was half-abandoned for a long time, so it underwent a process of enhancing what had been left here from that time. There was an old anti-aircraft battery and some of the barracks in the Canons neighborhood, for example.

A few years ago, the City History Museum intervened and new exhibition spaces were created, with the history of different stages of the city in them (the war period, the post-war period, the area, etc.).

Cable car of the Port

Barcelona cable car

this cable car It goes from the San Sebastián tower, on Barceloneta beach, to the Miramar de Montjuic viewpoint, 70 meters high, passing by the Tower of Haume I. In total, it covers 1292 meters in a ten-minute journey.

Yes, it's not much but the views are marvelous during the whole tour. The cable car dates from the 20s of the last century, it was closed at the time of the Spanish Civil War, to be reopened in 1963.

It has different operating hours, depending on the time of year, and the price is round trip of 16 euros. There are ticket offices to buy tickets at both entrances and you can do the trip in both directions, go up at Barceloneta and get off at Montjuic or vice versa. For now the Tower of Jaime I is closed.

Viewpoint of the Tower of Collserola

Collserola Tower

It is a telecommunications tower which is on the Cerro de la Vilana, about 445 meters. It was built in 1990, when the Olympic Games were about to take place, and it is the tallest structure in the city and in Catalonia.

It is a tower futuristic style with a viewpoint that is on the 10th floor. It was designed by the British Norman Foster. It must be said that the views offered by its viewpoint are similar to the views of Tibidabo but are extended to 360º.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera terrace

It is the iconic secular building designed by Antonio Gaudi, Casa Milà about which so much is talked about. The truth is that from its roof you can also see the city. That's right, from the top floor you have a 360º view of the beautiful city.

From up here you can see the avenue at your feet and some other of the most outstanding buildings in Barcelona, ​​a little bit the silhouette of the Sagrada Familia (the work to which Gaudí gave himself), between the chimneys and ventilation columns of the house itself house, which decorate the walk with their curious shapes.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo Park

Tibidabo is the highest hill of Collserola and offers great views of Barcelona. Above is the amusement park, the only one of its kind in the city. If you want to have fun playing games and so on, you can come here and contemplate the city at your feet.

Terrace of the Sands

Terrace of the Sands

This other viewpoint that we add to our list of the best viewpoints with views of Barcelona It is in the old bullring of the city, although only the original façade remains of it. The terrace looks at Montjuic and it also has a dome that serves as a shelter and shelter for events and shows.

The viewpoint offers 360º views over the Plaza de Espanya and in the opposite direction you can see the Joan Miró park and its famous sculpture. The viewpoint also houses restaurants and bars and you can climb to it using internal stairs, which are free to use, or the elevator for which you do pay, but only 1 euro.

Basilica of the Holy Family

The towers of the Sagrada Familia

Obviously, you have good views from the towers of this church. The original design of the church consisted of 18 towers representing the 12 Apostles plus the Virgin Mary, Jesus and the four evangelists. But only eight of them took shape: the four Apostles of the Nativity Facade and the four Apostles of the Passion Facade.

If one day all the towers are finished, this will be the tallest church in the entire world. But in the meantime, you can't stop climbing the ones that have been built. In the general ticket to visit the Sagrada Familia you have access to the towers included and you can choose which ones you will climb. The only tower that was built under the direct supervision of Gaudí is the Torre de la Natividad, and both are quite different.

The Tower of the Nativity faces east and then you have beautiful views of the city and the mountains around it. For his part, the Tower of the Passion is different, simpler, and look west thus the view shoots towards the Mediterranean Sea. In both towers you can go up by elevator, worse yes or yes you go down on foot. The descent staircase is long and narrow, in a spiral.

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