The best water parks in the USA

Best water parks in the USA

If there is something that characterizes the United States in times of heat, it is its theme parks, it has many and of very good quality, but as if that were not enough, it has some theme parks that are the most visited in the world. These water parks in the USA can be visited at all times of the year since they have specialized services to avoid getting cold.

But when the heat hits, there is nothing better and more refreshing than a swim in a pool. Although a bath is a pool it is really refreshing, on many occasions people are also looking for emotions. If you are going on a trip to the United States and want to beat the heat and also have a great time, then you cannot miss this list of the best water parks in the USA. You will have a great time and also enjoy as if you were a child again. As if that were not enough, the water parks offer heart-stopping attractions and also offer family fun. From water roller coasters to water slides, you cannot miss any of its corners.

Noah's Ark or Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark Water Park in Wisconsin

This water park is located in Wisconsin Dells and is the largest water park in the nation, it is called Noah's Ark for this very reason and lives up to its name with a large number of water attractions that take your breath away as soon as you enter through the door. Account with nothing less than 51 slides, two wave pools and a surf simulator.

It also offers activities for the whole family, but if you are a thrill seeker you can go for its extreme games, including the tail of the scorpion that sends tourists down a slide that is almost vertical in an inclined loop. You can also go through the Black Anaconda, which is like a water roller coaster and is the most exciting in America.

As if that weren't enough too you have great restaurants to recharge your batteries and to be able to eat local foods such as cheese curd or discover its wonderful and unrepeatable sauces. Without a doubt, this water park is one of the most recommended to visit.

Schlitterbahn Water park

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas

This water park is located in Kansas City and you will be amazed by its high slides. It has one in particular called Verruckt, which is the highest slide in the world and will take your breath away before you jump down it. It also has several slides where its tourists can jump at the same time they reach great speeds.

But if you are not of extreme heights and prefer to stay at sea level, this water park also offers you fun tidal rivers to enjoy the water. You can also enjoy waves as if you were in a rough sea and even jump down a canyon or enjoy a great park.

In addition, if that were not enough, you can look for a bar in the pool to have the opportunity to relax in its heated waters while enjoying a drink to help you recharge your batteries before continuing your adventure in this water park.

Aquatic world or Water World

Water World in Denver

This water park is located in Denver, has close to 40 water attractions and World Water Day make a big party to commemorate the importance of water. The Mile High Flyer is a great water roller coaster and is one of the park's star attractions for its speed and intensity.

The storm is a unique take on a raft ride where pilots descend a dark tube where a great storm is recreated. Visitors tend to like it very much because great thunder, flashes of light, rain are recreated and all this makes tourists feel disoriented and confused.

If you are interested in speed, then you will not be able to avoid passing through the Turbo Racer that you will have to discover when you enter the water park and start discovering everything it has for you.

White Water Park

white water park in missouri

White Water Park you can find it in Branson. This water park is smaller than other parks of these characteristics such as those mentioned above, but it will not leave you indifferent for everything it has to offer. Its white water compensates for its size and it also has very well organized attractions, and the best thing ... is that it has activities for the whole family, also for the little ones.

It has a slide called KaPau that has a descent with a drop of 70 degrees and with a twist that will take your hiccups away. But they also have attractions for all ages, so you can also enjoy, for example, Splashaway Cay with geysers and water shooters that will help you enjoy each of its corners. But there is something that usually calls tourists a lot to go to this water park instead of going to a different one, and that is the schedule. During the months of July and August, the amusement water park is open until ten at night from Thursday to Saturday.

Water Country USA

This amusement park is located in Williamsburg, Virginia and is one of the best theme parks you can find today. It will allow you to enjoy the experience of weightlessness in some of its attractions such as rafting races down a hill to immediately return to a giant sloping wall that will take your breath away. You can also go with three friends to the Aquazoid which is designed for the bravest.

Amusement park is for the most daring and you can enjoy its water roller coasters. Definitely, it is a wonderful park for people who like to enjoy the water and also the sun. So you can enjoy and rest around its attractions, adventures and activities that it offers you. You can also enjoy and be part of the live shows that take place at different times, ideal for children.

Now you have no excuse, you have a great list for you to choose the water park that best suits your personality or the interests of your family, to enjoy it in a big way!

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