The delicious desserts of Guiana gastronomy

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits, a delicacy of Guiana gastronomy

After having learned a little more about the Guiana gastronomy, especially vegetables, meats, fish. Now, and as it should happen in any meal or dinner worth its salt, we are going to know what are some of the most important desserts of this destination.

Catalinas are traditional sweets from Guyana, they are a delicious dessert, also known as cucas. They are not only consumed in this country but are widely accepted in nearby countries.

They are prepared with coconut, wheat flour and a sweet dressing. The Catalinas they can be tasted as a dessert in a restaurant or in any of the many street food stalls that we can find anywhere. In addition to this delicious dessert you can also find many others to finish a meal such as banana fritters, donuts or coconut kisses among many others,

In a destination like this, in the latitude where Guyana is located, tropical fruits are perhaps one of the best alternatives to eat for dessert, also great for preparing delicious and refreshing juices when the heat is hot.

Some of the company's exotic fruits that we can find in Guyana are coconut, guava, pineapple, mango, papaya, banana or elderberries, which make exquisite and nutritious fruit salads, coconut nougat, smoothies, coconut sorbets and a whole string of very delicious and natural proposals.

In the next post we will get to know some of the drinks that we can enjoy in this destination and we will move on to the second part of this series of posts dedicated to the gastronomy of this country, where I will bring you some recipes so that you can bring the flavor of Guyana to your table .

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