The Gold American Express card, one of the best for traveling

When we fly several times a year, not only for leisure reasons but also for work, we highly value the possibility of doing it in a more comfortable way, under better benefits and without risks, such as the quite common unfortunately of the loss or suitcase breakage.

If you also value good care and traveling under good safety and comfort conditions, perhaps this information will be of great use to you. Today in our article on Travel News, we tell you why the card Gold American Express it is one of the best travel cards. Do not be scared by his name, or bring to mind the idea that "the collar can be worth more than the dog", because you would be getting preconceived misconceptions.

The card Gold American Express It can bring many benefits for you and yours when traveling, and in this article we will give you at least five of them.

Benefits for travelers using this card

  1. One of the best benefits for those who have this card and book a trip with it is that once you arrive at the hotel where you have made the reservation and you are about to make the check in, the room you chose can be upgraded. This is thanks to the program The Hotel Collection, with which you will get benefits in more than 500 leading hotels around the world.
  2. Another benefit, which would be more ideal for those who are overwhelmed by waiting in crowded rooms, is that twice a year you can have 2 accesses to some rooms VIP Lounge Club. This benefit is granted to those travelers who have made a minimum spend of 1.000 euros with said card. If you are to use the card regularly in each and every one of your purchases, this requirement will be almost a piece of cake to obtain.
  3. This card features a assistance assurance, which covers up to 9.000 euros, for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and emergency hospitalization expenses. Everything can happen at any time, and with this card you can rest assured that you are well cared for wherever you are. Our health is paramount and it is what you should never play with.
  4. If damage occurs, loss or theft of your suitcaseDon't worry, there is a solution for everything: if your suitcase is not found, you will get a first-hand refund of up to 120 euros, for basic essential items. If the final loss of the suitcase occurs, they can give you up to 600 euros as compensation. On the other hand, if the flight What were you planning to take? Cancelled, you will have insurance for unforeseen travel and luggage, with which you will have up to 120 euros if your flight is canceled or is delayed 4 hours or more. There are things that money cannot supply, but it is always an extra help that is not always offered to us by different airlines.
  5. And as the last benefit that we tell you here, but no less important, what happens if once at the destination we want rent a car? Well, you will have free access to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and you will enjoy a 10% discount on the best rates indicated. If in addition to this, you need a car for 5 days or more, that rental would be upgraded at no additional cost.

And as if this were not enough, the Gold American Express card has a kind of loyalty program called Membership Rewards Club where you get 1 MR point for every 1 euro spent when making a purchase with that card. These accumulated points, you can later exchange them for gifts, stays, etc ... And if that were not enough, if you enroll now in this card you will have as a welcome gift 20.000 points in the MR program equivalent, for example, to a round-trip European flight return. Is it or is it not a gift?

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