The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Great Salt Lake, Utah

The United States is a country of great landscape richness, of many contrasts and of curious places and phenomena, like the one we are dealing with today. And in this article we are going to know a little more the Great Salt LakeNot because it is famous, it is no longer an unusual natural phenomenon that only occurs in some parts of the world.

The Great Salt Lake is the remnant of prehistoric Lake Bonneville, a huge concentration of water that existed at least 15 thousand years ago, and that practically covered the entire state of Utah, and part of Idaho or Nevada. Not surprisingly, the state capital of Utah, Salt Lake City and its metropolitan area, in which more than a million people live, is located on the bed of this ancient lake, surrounded by the current Salt Lake and some high mountain ranges, which makes it have a rather complicated climate.

The high concentration of this lake is due to the fact that the water has no outletNot even by filtration, as is also the case in the Caspian Sea, the largest of the salty seas, or the Dead Sea, perhaps the most famous. The salt is deposited, forming a curious white desert immaculate. Like in these places, the buoyancy index is very high but it is not a good place for marine fauna. Of course, important colonies of birds coexist here and also many antelopes, these in Antelope Island State Park.

This island, one of the many cataloged within this lake, is one of the great natural attractions of this place and of Salt Lake City. The Great Salt Lake is an ideal destination for those who like any sport related to sailing, like sailing, canoeing or kayaking, and the summer months are the best time to get to know this place and the city that was born at its feet.

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